Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 15, 2007

Super Junior’s Marry U mini concert

Today Super Junior held a mini concert/fan meeting and PROPOSED TO THEIR FANS!!! grrrr so jealous…lol. The members got down on one knee and proposed to their fans with rings!!!EEEE!!!I WANT ONE!!! Haven’t seen any videos yet, but from the pictures you can tell that the fans were preeetty excited (to say the least), but i don’t blame them, i would’ve been like OMG YOU ARE MY FAVORITEST SQUISHY EVER and chased them around the stage haha XD




The pictures are pretty entertaining though, the boys all looked really really good in their outfits imo, i especially liked the black one. I also find Siwon’s expression REALLY REALLY FUNNY (maybe its just me?) and i ADORE Heechul’s smirk, its kinda like hes trying to say : you wish you were as hot as me loool, and the photo of Kibum looking at Hankyung is hilarious, its like Kibum is trying to figure out how much crack Hankyung took to have that expression XDXDXD




  1. omgomgomgomgomg. WHY WASNT I THEREEE?

  2. Super Junior waaaaaaaaaaaw I like your very much
    from saudi arabia

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