Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 16, 2007

Conquering the winter with Suju

{credit: Muishie @ youtube}


its so cute~~~~~~ First i have to say that shindong looks GREAT in a wig lol makes me want to squish his cheeks and feed him lollipops XD When he carries Eunhyuk it looks like they’re in a wrestling match =.= And omg that blanket roll idea is so goood, i’ll definitely be trying that. Its also a good way to abduct suju, you just wrap them all up in a blanket and roll them home MWAHAHAHAHA also watching Teukie bouncing in those long johns gave me a strong urge to take him to every single fast food restaurant and feed him hamburgers and french fries, because imo that boy NEEDS TO PUT ON WEIGHT he is a STICK (omg so jealous >.<)

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