Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 16, 2007

Together – DBSK


I know this came out last month, but i want to write about it coz its doing really well on the Oricon Charts For those who still haven’t heard the song, it can be downloaded here (tell me what you think after you’ve heard it). And if you’ve heard it, then you’ll probably understand why i want the “my frrriiiiieeeennnnddddssss” line as my ringtone XDXDXD imo this song slightly crossed the line between cute and TOO cute, but it IS for a Sanrio movie, so they couldn’t exactly do something like “O”…or could they…*imagines Hello Kitty dancing to “O”*…..yea that would be too weird :) But they do look adorable, although i do have an issue with Yunho and Max’s sweater….as in i don’t like it XD imo Yunho’s looks too much like “lets go have fun in the snow” and Max’s just looks like something my grandad would wear lol, but whatever they can wear a sack and i’d still be like YOU ARE SO GORGEOUSSSS (<—watch Suju’s Full House to get that….) Hmm maybe its doing well because imo its kinda the same type of music thats done by the JE boybands, watch a JE boyband MV here to get what i mean. (i’m not flaming JE, i’m just saying that their music is cute..nothing wrong with that)


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  2. […] already uploaded the Together mp3 in this post (i’ve also written my thoughts on the […]

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