Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 17, 2007

Cute overload♥


(Credit: Baidu JJ bar – click here to steal more pictures XD)

These pictures are from a magazine in Japan, and i “think” that they might be from the Five in the Black tour – coz all the other pictures are. From my poor interpretation of the pictures, i think they might be playing some sort of hand game with those kids? or maybe high fiving them??? but whatever, they’re doing SOMETHING involving hands (i’m so smart XD) I think that the person in the background of the picture with Micky is holding a camera? i DEMAND to see video footage of this!! just imagine how cute it would be….especially if they’re singing those clapping game nursery rhyme/songs ♥♥♥ When DBSK is with kids it just makes them so much more adorable imo (remember the video of Jae and Micky with the the girl in paris??)

Like i said, i’m pretty sure that they’re from the FITB tour, which you should definitely watch if you haven’t already!! Great concert, and they sing everything LIVE, yes even “O”. Click here to buy it

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