Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 18, 2007

Suju dancing to Tell Me on E.H.B

(Credit: Coolsmurf at youtube)

Um…why does everyone know this dance?? seriously this dance is done by people on every other Korean show on youtube (ok maybe not that bad, but seriously EVERYONE in Korea knows this dance)

First I have to just say how much i like the outfits ♥♥♥♥♥ they look like fencers!! or ballet dancers? (i haven’t watched the whole thing yet so i don’t know what the outfits are for) and omg heechul’s shoes!!!! haha…that boy is the most randomest squishy ever :)

Shindong is such a good dancer! him and heechul fully gets into it (maybe a little too much? lol) i would’ve liked to see more shots of Hangeng and Siwon doing the dance though coz its pretty hard to imagine them dancing like Heechul did….

Btw whats up with Heechul’s fascination with the Wondergirls?????


  1. […] Look at those shoes! you have to admit, they’re REALLY REALLY REALLY weird, i mean come on they’ve got FUR on them, i don’t even know a store that sells shoes like that lol XDXDXD – to watch a clip of him dancing to Tell Me in those shoes click here […]

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