Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 18, 2007

Super Junior – Cartoon version


EDIT: this was drawn by the really smart yunkangteukgi click here to go to her site to see more of her awesome work

Has anyone seen this???

I was searching through my computer trying to look for an assignment, but instead i found this XD

I don’t know who drew this but that person is a genius ( ILU smart person who drew this!!) imo the Hangeng, Kyuhun, and Donghae ones are the funniest (omg fishy is riding a fish!!cute!!!) not really sure what Yesung, Ryewook, Eeteuk and Shindong are doing….can someone enlighten me on that? But i do ♥ the emo Kibum lol~ and i see Heebum on Heechul’s mirror!! (watch a video of Heechul and Heebum attacking poor Yesung HERE) and omg Kangin’s sign looooool (think back to Full House) and Siwon hugging Sungmin… cute….the members always talk about how affectionate Siwon is with the members and he gets so embarrassed *group hug!!!* XD

What is Eunhyuk doing??? i know their radio program is called Kiss the Radio (Sukira) but….yea i don’t get it….and i’m assuming that the person in the background with the violin is Henry??? (omg that boy is SO talented he needs his own show)


  1. Hai~I was surprised when I saw my art here..LOL..Thanx for your nice comments…

    And abt Shindong & Ryeowook,I have no idea on wat to associate them with so i just drew randomly… ^__^

    And Hyukkie,let’s just say the word of him watching porn last time was famous.. XDXD

    You can c my other few suju pics at my gallery…And my fren drew some too and its very nice.. ^^

    Nice blog btw..Luv it and I hope to c more updates on both my beloved bands.. \ ^O^ /

  2. yunkangteukgi:
    OMG you’re the smart person that drew the picture??? ILU YOU’RE A GENIUS!!! :D:D:D:D
    I’ve edited the post to give you credit, and i’ve put your site on it ;)
    Thanks for reading!

  3. wow it is so cute n funny…

    u are so creative….

    u made this?

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