Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 19, 2007

DBSK – Santa Claus is coming to town


Blah. I couldn’t find a Christmas picture of them so i’ll just use this, they’ve got presents so lets just pretend that its a christmas picture ok? ^^

yes yes this song was released aaaaaaages ago but i’ve never heard it till today and its just exciting coz its nearly Christmas, so i thought i’d share it (if you’re like me and still haven’t heard it, then click here to get it)

I get so excited when they release english songs even though the english sometimes turns into engrish lol XD This song was very well done though, i loved all the little chorusing bits in the background, it sounded so NICE *—–* i would’ve liked it to be a bit longer though, which is why imo they should release another engrish song to make up for it YAY (one can dream ok…)

Just remembered, in his interview in All about TVXQ season 1, Junsu said that he had this song as his ringtone lolololol


  1. […] when I couldn’t find a Christmas picture of DBSK here? well i found one for Suju!! lol~~ I think that this picture is from one of their merchandise items […]

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