Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 19, 2007

Yunho vs. Leeteuk



Ok so for everyone who still don’t know about it, theres a voting for “Best Leader” on the arirang website (its here) and yea basically fans vote for their favorite leader of current Korean groups (I don’t see Hongki from F.T.Island though….SNSD is there so FTI should be on there too imo) Anyway, Yunho is CURRENTLY in first place with 49.42% of the votes, and Eric from Shinwa is very close behind with 49.31% of the votes (yea…they’re pretty much stealing the show) But Leeteuk from Suju is third with 0.57% of the votes =.= (dw Teukie i still ♥ you!!)

I don’t know anything about Shinwa, so i’ll just talk about Yunho and Teukie. I don’t think it would be fair to say that one of them is a better leader than the other, they’re reaaaaally different people! imo Yunho’s the more charismatic leader whos really responsible with really strong leadership skills and the members all really respect him while Teukie normally joins in with the crack dance/song/whatever it is thats happening and lets the other members (Kangin i’m looking at you!) bully him all the time, but you can tell that he genuinely cares for all the members

Watch Yunho waking DBSK up here and Teukie waking Suju up here and you’ll see what i mean. Yunho quietly shakes each member while Teukie uses his “special methods” like *water screen!!!* lol~~~ Except Yunho probably had an easier job waking up the members coz they were so well behaved *squishes~* while Teukie had “problem” members like Kangin and Ryewook lol XD


  1. I’m procastinating…again….-_- So I decided to go and read all your old posts lol.


    Btw, now you DO know stuff about Shinhwa, arent you glad you met me =P

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