Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 20, 2007

DBSK – Forever Love (bell and snow edit)


I have uploaded the song here

This song was included in their latest Together single (I’ve already talked about the single here)

I normally like the remixes thats released (eg. the remix of Choosey Lover, Missin’ You, Lovin’ You etc.) but this one is going to have to be an exception. The original Forever Love song is one of my favorite Japanese songs by DBSK so maybe thats why I don’t like the remix? I know that the producers probably remixed the song to give it a Christmas feel, but i don’t know…imo it sounds kinda like a wedding march (especially with the talking voices at the start). And although many Christmas songs have organs, the organ sound in the remix sounds kinda funny =.= I prefer the violin sounds in the original version…

So yea, go download it and tell me what you think 8D


  1. lol for some reason i pictured a beach with pelicans + seagulls …
    oh right i hear the organ now…
    err lol okay much better the sounds stopped…
    but i reckon the organ doesnt match the song…coz the song is soft and slow while the organ is really high pitched…and the bells LOL ahaha im picturing santa claus now…damnit this is ruining the calm nature of forever love for me
    ooh a “ding” LOL this is really funny…im sorry…ahah…i think i shud stop listening to it…coz forever love is also one of my favourite jap songs and the remix is killing it.
    omg if they made a remix of love in the ice i would most defintely die XD

  2. Candychu:
    I know, i’d like forget they ever released this single ^^” I think the producers should just stay away from remixes….actually i liked the “lovin’ u” one, apart from the bubble sounds =.=”
    And I just went and listened to “Love on the ice” which led to “Song for You” and omg so many good memories <3333333333

  3. LOL the bubbles were so funny.
    But actually whats even more funnier are the names they come up with. Like…how do they come up with it?
    Once upon a time it was simply called “Remix” but now they have all these fancy names…is there some significance behind that?
    hehe I’m listening to Yoochun’s “My Girlfriend” right now…omg so dreamy ~~~~~~

  4. Candychu:
    I know, i was like…”Gin n’ tonic”…isn’t that a type of alcohol?! lol XDDD
    I’m listening to “Sky”, don’t know why though, coz it’s not exactly one of my favourite songs by them…

  5. yes gin n tonic is a type of alcohol…i learnt that off meteor garden bcoz that was wat vanness ordered…i think :S
    ahaha yeh Sky…but it was cute how in the FITB concert yoochun changed the lyrics to ‘2008’ … yes real cute :S
    hmmm im now listening to triangle (rising sun concert version)
    my favourite bit … “no more kill[ing] no more suicide no more lies” hehe

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