Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 20, 2007

Heechul’s unique fashion taste


Yea theres no news today so i’ll just talk about Heechul’s crazy clothes hahaha

Look at those shoes! you have to admit, they’re REALLY REALLY REALLY weird, i mean come on they’ve got FUR on them, i don’t even know a store that sells shoes like that lol XDXDXD – to watch a clip of him dancing to Tell Me in those shoes click here

That boy is always wearing “unique” items of clothing though, like this top that he wore earlier this week:


And this headband thingy


I also wanted to post him wearing his plain pants (apparently the same ones that Yesung wore in the Suju movie) but I couldn’t find a picture :( boo. oh well, just watch Full house and you’ll see them, ep. 4 I think? And also watch Full house to see his awesome as pink nightie that he wears lololololol XDXD I ♥ U Heechul!!

Sorry for the randomness of this post *—-*

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