Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 21, 2007

Kyuhyun singing DBSK’s “I Believe”

Credit: Spazzes for bringing my attention to this video, and didyluvsuju for uploading it onto youtube :D

I’m not too familiar with the Korean version of the song (the version I have is the one that DBSK did in Chinese) but imo Kyuhyun and the other person that sang did a reaaaaally good job; DBSK would be proud. I was on a forum yesterday and there was a poll for most liked Suju member (argh i hate those sort of polls) and Kyuhyun was last ;____; I don’t understand why, hes got SUCH a great voice and hes been through so much with the car accident and the multiple operations hes had as a result of it, and yet there are still SUPER JUNIOR fans who don’t like him =.= But anyway…to convince you of his incredible voice, I uploaded a solo that he did here (I don’t think that its a proper studio recording)

Btw for those interested, the other person who sang was Min Kyung Hoon from a Korean boyband called Buzz, and after several minutes of stalking his profile, I found out the following information:

DOB: 1984.10.06

Height: 178cm

Favourite colour: Blue and silver

Religion: Christian

(hehehehe….i am SUCH a stalker XDXDXD)


  1. HIIIII :) I’m stalking your blog! (And I really love your layout *______*)

    You MUST have the Korean version; it’s amazing! One of their best songs ever, imo —->

    Kyuhyun is a prince; I don’t know why some people don’t like him. I actually don’t know why SuJu has any antis at all. They’re all such lovely boys.

  2. […] DBSK’s I Believe – sang by Kyu and Min Kyung Hoon from Buzz (i’ve already posted the video here) […]

  3. i realy like suju
    to kyu hyun saranghea..

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