Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 21, 2007

Yoon-Jae Christmas cards


Credit: daisyisydeng819 @ DBSK baidu bar

Click here to see the clip of them making the Christmas cards. Look how cute Yunho’s Christmas card is!! Its so bright and colourful…..i don’t really understand why there is a heart rising behind the building though….but I still wouldn’t mind if he gave it to me XD

Look closely at Jae’s picture. I’m guessing that the phantom hand belongs to Junsu lol~~~ I wouldn’t mind being sent Jae’s Christmas card either, its not as *bright* as Yunho’s but imo the tree looks pretty :D and lets face it, even if he just wrote “blah” on a page i’d still be like OMG I NEED THAT PAGE XDXDXD

Can I just say how perfect their skin is? its like REALLY REALLY REALLY PERFECT, grrr I propose a trade… XD

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