Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 22, 2007

Epik High on Kiss The Radio

I think this is from today’s show…or yesterday’s. Haven’t found a video of them on KTR yet, but there should be one soon coz suju fans are great like that :D Anyway…for those who don’t know, Epik High is a Korean hip pop group and the leader Tablo is the guy in the Anyband CFs (the one whos not Junsu lol) Hip hop is actually one of my least liked music genres (its pretty low down there with country, screamo, and glam)but even me =the hip hop hater- like Epik High’s stuff. Unlike most Western Hip hop groups, these guys don’t talk about getting high/beating someone up/picking up chicks; most of their songs are about love (which groups isn’t) but they also rap about deeper stuff which is really hard to find in hip hop groups.
Their song “Fan” is one of my favorites (i’ve uploaded it here) (click here to read the lyrics, they’re good) its basically about “fans” lol (the obsessive girl kinds). The MV (click here to watch) is pretty intense (it took me 3 times of watching it to actually understand it lol) and its pretty much about a girl whos a fan of this boy (whos really cute btw, i need to stalk him) and kidnaps him and does stuff like stick him in a washing machine, then realises that she needs to set him free coz hes not happy (wonder why) and builds a rocket and ties him to it. The ending is bascially the rocket blowing up with the boy still tied to it and obviously the boy dies coz hes not immune to rockets blowing up from beneath him XD – sorry about the indent of this paragraph, stupid wordpress wouldn’t let me make a new paragraph >”<
Btw I think Tablo’s beanie makes him look like a honey dew melon XDXDXD and i love his Harry Potter glasses, also I never realised how short he was . And i question the air conditioning in the KTR studio coz Teuk is dressed like hes going SNOWBOARDING (I ♥ you Teukie~~)


  1. oh wahaha i’m sorry, i just discovered your blog is fun [blame spazzes, she linked you mwahaha], and so i’m on a comment spree heehee XD

    wah i really like when suju and epik high bond and stuff, since they are two of my fave kpop groups and the crack/fun is magnified, idk XD

    thanks for the info on this, i hope they come out with the vid soon [with subs pls,kk XD] and i wanna seeee ^________^

    oh did you see hyuk during epik’s perf in golden disk? he was mouthing the words and he looked like ‘tablo hyung is awesome T_T’ haha iloveit.

    okay. i’m shutting up now. but i will lurk back soon, happy hols ^_^v

  2. Querubin:
    hehe i must thank Spazzes then coz i LOVE getting comments from other fangirls (coz all my “real” friends are like: who the heck is suju?? appalling i know XD) noo i haven’t seen hyuk during the golden disk performance, i’ll go youtube it now :D btw i just found a video of Siwon trying to imitate Tablo, i’ll post it up later

  3. Epik high!!

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