Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 22, 2007

Super Junior 2008 Planner


Another attempt by SM to take my monies……but GRR the pictures look SO GOOD *;____; looks at empty wallet*

There are heaps of photos in this planner, and from the hair I think that the photos were taken back when they were still promoting Don’t Don coz Siwon’s hair is still long (I’m so observant XD) In order to not be held responsible for your computer crashing, I’ll only post two of my favorite photos from the planner here. But click here to purchase it if you feel tempted to do so (you know you want to :P)

…you want to buy it now don’t you…XDXDXD
EDIT: Go HERE to see more pictures and drool all over your keyboard XD


  1. LSM is an evil genius because HELL YES I WANT THIS REALLY BADLY. They are all SO CUTE AND SMILEY ON THE COVER sjdfilsjkdlfjdls.

  2. Spazzes:
    YES I KNOW I WANT IT TOO!!! I can see LSM sitting in a dark room with a torch shining below his face going MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA I HAVE THE POWER
    (Thanks for reading!)

  3. because i am a nerd, this is one piece of merchandise i actually considered buying because its {ahem] useful. but dude, how the hell can you get any work done if your calendar is full of hot guys. i would prolly just drool on this or just get all fangurly and giggly every five minutes. haha XD

  4. Querubin:
    lol i know exactly what you mean, i want it too!! *stares at empty wallet* ;___; haha, i can just see myself giggling in the middle of class and switching on to full fangirl mode XD
    Thanks for all your comments :D (its like having a msn conversation with you lol XDXD)

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