Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 23, 2007

16th single Purple Line preview


Credit: 踏网采花_雅凤 @ baidu heroJJ bar for uploading it :D

omg i can’t believe its their 16th single already!! those boys have been busy….This song is kinda similar to Ride on, in the sense that it has a “clubby” beat to it. Can’t wait to see the MV, i’m thinking a club scene with the boys in the center of the dance floor doing their thing preferably without skanks dancing around them because i fear for their safety XD

So yea, download it here and give it a try, the recording isn’t very good quality coz its just a preview, but imo even in bad quality this song sounds 23457265354 times better than Together lololol

At about 30 seconds into the song you hear Micky sing “i wanna touch myself” haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa XDXDXD (I NEED TO SEE A TRANSLATION OF THE REST OF THE LYRICS)


  1. OMG
    i luv this song 2!!!!!!!!!

    it’s already on my iPod LMAO

    p.s. i totally freakin spazzed times 354324561984356461 when micky said that.

  2. cupcakezoo:
    i know! ILU person who wrote the lyrics XD
    This totally makes up for their Together single lol…
    Thanks for commenting!

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