Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 23, 2007

Super Junior’s Pets

Yea theres no news again today….I know the Star King episode is out, but I don’t like watching unsubbed videos because I find it really frustrating >”< (i may have to make an exception when DBSK is on E.H.B though) But the lovely Spazzes crew have done a post about it so click here to read it :D

Because theres no news today and i’m extremely bored (as usual) I went through my Suju picture folder and found lots of adorable pictures of their pets XD so here they are:



This cat has got to be the most famous cat in Korea. He/She was given to Heechul by a fan and Heechul named the cat HanJayHeeBum (Hankyung, Jay[Trax], Heechul, Kibum). I think Heebum normally has blue eyes…maybe its the lighting? Anyway, click here to see Heechul making Heebum dance to Haengbok and click here to see Heebum attack Heechul. I’ve seen another video of a Heebum & Heechul tribute which was really sweet, but i can’t find it =.=




argh, sorry about the smallness of the photos (they won’t go any bigger). Anyway, apparently Bada was given to Donghae by Heechul and Bada’s a Maltese terrier. Unfortunately Bada doesn’t get as much exposure as Heechul’s Heebum, so i haven’t been able to find a video of it, but heres a video of Donghae and Kangin on a variety show where Kangin mentions that Hae named his dog Bada (so yea, the dog does exist people)

Edit: the lovely Spazzes have given me a link where you can actually see Donghae with Bada, and the dog hes with in the first picture (I just found out that the dog in t he first picture isn’t actually Bada -.-” lol XDDDD) so click HERE to watch a very very cute video of Donghae with Bada and some random dogs ^—-^



Ok everybody: AWWWWWWWWW *————-* thats the cutest Husky i’ve ever seen!! And he has blue eyes!! From a recent picture of Rider on Hankyung cyworld homepage it looks like Riders grown really big, but i like this photo so i’m using this one :D So yea, if you want to see more photos of Rider then go to Hankyung’s cyworld page..

Suju should do a animal special of E.H.B with their pets XD


  1. :DD such cute pictures!

    LOL I think Heebum is also the most ABUSED cat in Korea XDD. Heechul always makes it do weird stuff, cause … lol well, he’s special roflmao.

    I think you can see Donghae with his dog in his video diary from the SuJu show —>


  2. Spazzes:
    Thanks so much for the link!! – you’re awesome – argh i am so jealous of Heebum lol XD and Heechul is definitely “special” (but obviously i mean that in the nicest most loving way possible ;))
    Merry Christmas to you too! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (yes..i also like to abuse hearts XD)

  3. bada is the cutest doggie ever :P saranghae donghae oppa ! ♥ &heart;

  4. DOnghae is my favorite and Bada is so cute, but Rider is the best!! I love Husky’s with BLue Eyes.. I want one too..

  5. aww….cute heebum…..pretty bada^^

  6. Kittens normally get Blue eyes but when it gets older , it could changed to other colors .
    Bada , Rider & Heebum Are So CUTE !
    I always wanted a cat like Heebum !
    (Russian Blue ^^ )

  7. both the YT links for heebum are dead T.T
    anyone have new links for these two vids??
    really wana see…

  8. i wanna have a pet like Donghae’s !!

    OMG. i wanna die O-o

    Rider is so cute but for me Bada is cuter!!

  9. .I LOVE Bada so much.! As soon as I saw him I squealed.! He’s so adorable.! I’ve been wantinq a Maltese every since I saw him.!
    <3 <3 <3

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