Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 26, 2007

Leeteuk’s Love Fighter Pictures (from the show)

Credit: Wenzhuangg@ youtube and 聊天馬夾〓貓 @ Baidu Super Junior Bar

I have chosen to put that promotional video on this post, but click here to watch the other one which is equally as funny XD I don’t know…but theres just something about Teuk trying to do doing boxing moves thats really really really really really funny (yes i know its hot, but its also hilarious XD)

Here are some pictures from the show which has not aired yet (neither has the new episode of E.H.B – I WANT TO SEE PICTURES >< and yes i will keep talking about it till i find pictures from the taping, or till January 6th, whichever comes first XD)


Hmm…it appears from the set and his outfit that the show has a oriental Chinese theme…maybe martial arts will play a part??

P.S: note how nice i’m being about Teuk’s outfit? ( as in i’m not making fun of it XD) i am IMMUNE to his weird outfits – if you don’t understand what i mean then watch some recent shows that hes appeared on (excluding performances) and you’ll know what i mean lol

And because its Christmas and i’m bored, heres a nice photoshopped picture of Angel Teukie (i didn’t p/s it, i absolutely fail at photoshop)

Hope you all had a great Christmas ♥♥♥♥♥

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