Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 27, 2007

Mp3s of Suju performances on Music Space

Keep scrolling, you’re not there yet ;)

EEEEEE i’ve finally tracked this down *goes and has a party…by herself* ehm, yes, these are the mp3s that the very clever 宝蓝街13号公寓 from Baidu Super Junior Bar has ripped from Suju’s appearance on Music Space (and they’re really good and CLEAR versions too; as in not too much screaming lol)

Credit: Wenzhuangg & symbelmyn @ youtube

Suju T – Goodbye Bridge (i have the mp3 uploaded here) : I don’t know about you, but i was always a bit =.= about Suju T, i mean i absolutely adore the people in it, its just the style of music that i sorta have a problem with :S But anyway…great performance, i LOVE the shiny jackets!!! and the leg shaking that they do in about 1:40 into the performance and the ENDING with the “say super/junior” thing XD ooo and i just have to say HOW PRETTY DOES HEECHUL LOOK *—* and btw…IN YOUR FACE PEOPLE WHO SAY THAT SUJU CAN’T SING LIVE mwahahahahahahaha XDDDDD

Credit: 0335323662 @ youtube
Suju K.R.Y.D – I have a love (I’ve uploaded the mp3 here) Yea i like the sound of the “D” on the end, has a nice ring to it don’t you think :P Anyway, greaaaaat vocals from all FOUR of them. I remember when i listened to suju for the first time (I think it was Haengbok) and i was like woooooooooow he (Donghae) has such a good voice, not knowing what they looked like or anything else about them; and Fishy made me so proud seeing him up there singing with the “good vocalists” of the group ;____; ILU FISHY!!! Although I must say that Yesungie’s top made me LMAO XDXDXD (am i the only one who finds it funny???) o and little Wookie looks so pwetty ♥

P.S – WordPress didn’t center all my text this time!! YAY!!!


  1. sjdkfldsjdk why are you so awesome? i love you, but you already know that :DD. will be taking these in a bit … i have somehow reached a download maximum XDD;;.

    thanks for sharing!

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