Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 27, 2007

Siwonnie trying to imitate Tablo ^^

3 more posts to go…keep scrolling ;)

Click here to watch Siwon trying to imitate Tablo because i don’t know how to embed videos off tudou (technologically challenged i know =.=)

Pretty much in this video you’ve got Suju and Epik High talking (about something i dont understand) and then i think i heard Tablo introduce himself as Super Junior’s Eunhyuk?? And Siwon introduces himself as Epik High’s Tablo….except hes kinda not so great at imitating Tablo ^^” P.S: Tablo looks so little and squishy in this video!!

But Siwon obviously has really great acting skills just not at imitating Tablo because he just landed another movie role!!woooooooooooot!!

And i’ll leave you all with a lovely picture to enjoy ♥♥♥

Credit: Hankyung’s Cyworld and the photographer who took this picture coz you’re a good photo takerXD


  1. ahahaha siwon, wth was that XD tab, you always pwn so. ^_^

    woah which movie is he gonna be in? ya know i told my friend about the suju cars and we’d been discussing if siwon’s was his sort of payment for endorsing audi or if he had just a discount for it. HAHAHAHA we should get lives, i swear. XD

    again, thanks for sharing ^^;;

  2. querubin:
    i know, i saw the video and was like……..and who are you meant to be??lol~ I think the name of the movie is Simple Comic or something along those lines, hes playing a highschool student and this girl is playing his gf *crazy fangirl mode switching on* ^^”
    but omg i’m so jealous that you have real friends who you can talk about suju with!! all mine are like “yea..shutup now.” whenever i try say anything about them lol

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