Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 28, 2007

Food that the Korean fans delivered to the set of the EHB taping

Disclaimer: I just found out that these pics are posted up on soompi too so sorry if you’ve already seen them ^^” (i don’t normally go on soompi…too hard backtracking…=.=)

Credit: lostdestiny92 @ Baidu DBSK Bar & the fan club whos logo is on the pictures

Yes, yet another REALLY RANDOM POST


The pictures are all pretty big so i’ve put them into thumbnails (you click on them and it’ll come out XD) I’ve just put my favorite one on. These are the pictures of the food that was brought to the set of the EHB taping – because it was DBSK’s 4 year anniversary; (yes, they are BAGS filled with FOOD) – even with my bad maths skills i can still tell that there are way more than 18 bags there….i really admire the Korean fans’ dedication *—–*

Btw don’t ask me what the text message says..coz i don’t know lol; i just thought that it would’ve been rude to crop the picture because the bottom of the picture has the fanclub’s logo. And look at the VARIETY of food they’ve bought, from pizza to fruit to lollies….another reason for me to wish that i was at the EHB taping…(not that i need any reasons XD) and the really cool thing is that they’ve all got the boys pictures on the front :D:D:D – very cute

food-1.jpg food-2.jpgfood-3.jpgfood-4.jpg59fn1trww4_201.jpg

P.S: I want to thank everyone that has left me comments~~ ILU ^—^ (and they’re mostly really lovely comments too, i’ve only had a few telling me that i’m weird =.=)


  1. your kidding me 0____0
    al..all..ALL THOSE ARE..FOOD???
    on the other hand..theres 18 hungry boys and a bunch of other crew members..i guess it adds up ^___^ lol thank you for posting ^^

  2. l00klikeme:
    yes i know i was like :O:O:O when i first saw the pictures but like you said, it does add up (and the boys even took home food!)
    Thanks for reading!!(and commenting :D)

  3. that looks soooo goood.
    lucky boys.
    but i can see why there was soo much food.
    lots of hotties ate well that day!!!

  4. cholalola16:
    yea see if i was there i could’ve helped them eat it XDDDDDD (keep dreaming i know)
    thank you for your comment, and your picture is hot

  5. sorry,im kinda new at this,btw i love your blog:D i love DBSK actually:D
    and i’ve seen the making of purple line(: mickey drive a red car(: go to youtube to see.

  6. Koreanchocolate:
    I’m glad you like it XD i didn’t think there was anyone reading but then i get all these lovely comments ♥♥♥
    btw thanks for the heads up about the red car, i’m so glad that they’re making a MV for it :DDDD

  7. haha welcome.and here theres changmin and yunho.
    not to clear cause its FC:P
    btw am i alowwed to do this new here haha.

  8. koreanchocolate:
    you’re more than welcome XDDDD because theres only one of me, i always appreciate any help i can get :D thanks for the links! you’re awesome ^^

  9. woah that looked enough to feed…korea…okay seoul, hahaha i kidd XD no wonder they still got to take home food hahaha XD

    cool and i see the kim pizzas too. haha i was joking with my friends that that was junsu’s treat for his birthday and they were all like, ‘that cheapskate!’ lolz XD

  10. i’m so hungry….great fans they’ve, some a bit over the edge but most good!

  11. looking at them made me hungry too ^^ and yea the Cassiopeias can be a bit ^^” at times (especially with the death threats to other groups)but you have to admit, they really do love the boys lots (and are really rich =.=)

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