Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 28, 2007

MORE DBSK EHB pictures!!!!!

EEEEEEEEEEEE more pictures!!!!!

Credit: 踏网采花_雅凤 @ Baidu JJ bar



OMG MAX YOUR HAIR LOOKS SO HOT DON’T EVER CHANGE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (especially in the first one) and argh i cry that theres only one picture of Jae….and btw….wth is up with Micky’s hair??

Please credit and not just “wordpress” if you’re linking this :D thanks! – the reason i haven’t watermarked these pictures is because i didn’t take them in the first place =.= so if you take them please respect the photographer and don’t watermark them either, after all, SHARING IS CARING XDDDD

P.S: I loooooooooove the t-shirts that they’re wearing inside their jackets!! *squishy~~~~*


  1. OMG i found ur blog today!
    and i love it already hehe
    coz we have very similar interests!!
    like dbsk and suju are of course on the very top
    and csjh r also the only girlband i like…namely coz i cbb fangirling other girlbands and coz like u said we dont “click” LOL
    anywayz…ur so awesome for posting those pics of DBSK EHB FILMING!! and yes changmin looks sizzling hot!!! woot hehe
    im candice btw ^^ i got an account myself today so im like commentingl ike crazy on all these blogs i read…so yes…=]
    (changmin is my fav from dbsk…and if ur interested donghae is my fav from suju…but i basically love all of them equally xP) okay enuf spamming ur comment box ><“

  2. Hi Candice!!
    I LOOOOOOOOOVE comments lol :D
    and omg fishy is one of my favourite suju boys too!!! (cant decide on the absolute favouritest so i have a few :P) and yes MAX LOOKS SO HOT I WANT TO TAKE HIM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (although Jae is my ultimate favourite boy out of the 18)
    and hehe great minds think alike, i really don’t “click” well with other girl groups (in fact between you and me…i can’t stand most girl groups =.=)
    I’m glad you like reading my blog :D makes me think i’m doing something meaningful hehehehehehehe

  3. lol sorry…i must spam ur comment box again ><” stephanie dances too good!! lol and their voices r amazing ^^
    and then with other groups im just not interested…lol and yes i cant stand most of them either…esp ones who interact too much with suju…*cough* snsd* cough* yoona *cough* donghae *cough* … =.=” hehe yes im a crazy fan and i probably have no right to not like them but not my fault. dbsk + suju already take up 80% of my brain power and time … the other 20% goes to sleeping and eating =]

  4. part of my comment got cut off …
    so ill just have to rewrite wat got cut off =.=”
    i was saying that great minds realy do think alike coz just b4 i was like “damn i want dbsk’s shirt” then u re-edited ur post and u said u liked their shirt!! hehe its so cute <333
    and i was also saying that i didn start off liking csjh coz there was too much csjh + dbsk interaction xD lol but then after i just cudnt resist the talents of csjh xD

  5. OMG,yr fast lol:P but im not loving chunnie’s hair but his face is still OMGG(; I HAVE NO PATIENTS!!! :P ohh dongbangsuju is soo love<3 thnkx fr the pictures again

  6. OMG WE ARE SO TOTALLY ALIKE!!!!! although the only difference is i have no idea WHICH girl interacts with them coz i can’t tell them apart =.= (its HARD ok??) *dodges daggers of SNSD fans* and yes CSJH do have amazing voices dont they *—-* I also listen to some other really great bands, so i’ll probably do a music post early next year….

  7. koreanchocolate:
    Thanks!! argh i was so scared that i was gonna get flamed for posting pictures that have already been posted elsewhere =.= (i currently haven’t seen it anywhere except on baidu) so its good that you saw it here first lol :D

  8. waaah *runs around, flails, etc.* thanks for sharing and caring ^_^;;

    zomg changmin looks hawt in the 2nd to the last pic, but why does he seem too skinny T_T

    but still hawt. hehehehe. all of them actually ^___________^

    thanks dear *huggles*

  9. querubin:
    you’re welcome :D
    and yes they ALL look too skinny ;____; i wish SM gave them more free time…

  10. you’re too awesome, as always <3.
    thanks for posting these!

  11. Ooh there is one more of Jae on DNBN:

  12. I hate Micky’s hair, too. D’aww I still love you darlinggg. But… your hair O_O & Yunnie needs a damn haircut :'(

  13. i know, yuhno needs to get it cut or thinned out or SOMETHING, and i want Jae to dye his hair back to black… >”<

  14. hey! i just love you’re site! hehe. they are getting skinny. /= SM should let them take a vacation! :]

  15. thanks for reading!!! its so nice to get lovely comments like yours *—* (for the past 5 hours i’ve been getting really not so nice comments lol) so yea lovely change XD and grrr *glares at LSM* the boys REALLY need a vacation…i propose that they go on a vacation to somewhere nice and warm….Australia is good this time of the year…. XDDDDDDD

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