Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 29, 2007

DBSK Official Fanclub (Bigeast) Magazine VOL.5 Pictures

Credit: WithChangmin and 在在の小公主 @ Baidu DBSK Bar – please respect the people who have uploaded the pictures and don’t watermark it as your own or remove any logos


Click to see it bigger

He…he…he…he…these pictures are from their FITB tour (i’m pretty sure) and the boys look so handsome in suits *—–* (I have this thing for boys wearing the classic suits as in white shirt black jacket + black tie) These pictures are really big, and theres quite a few of them, so i’ll direct you all here if you want to see more pictures


Click to see it bigger

LOL Micky’s hair!! he should’ve kept it like that imo :D and I love the Jae picture in the corner *Oggles at it XDXDXD* – don’t pretend you don’t wish the shirt wasn’t there.

P.S: I didn’t know they had a fanclub magazine?? I should do an internship there…..XD and btw if you haven’t seen the FITB concert then you are MISSING OUT


  1. LOL its okay! ur not being greedy ^^
    yep ill go back to ur About pg to read ur replies…tho if ppl didn know better theyd think u were talking to urself LOL
    okay now i have to think back to wat u wrote…
    oh yeah LOL wen u wrote pretend [] is a strike i thought u meant like well have a strike outside the SM company and im like wth!? but then i understood ^^
    lol the AADBSK 1 + 2 dvds were also Region 3 which sucked…BUT BUT BUT i managed to crack the region code on my LG dvd player so now I can watch it on big screen ^^ and as soon as I did i put in FITB concert and zoomed in x4 on jaejoong’s smirk in Zion. that was so hot xD
    and I loved yoochun’s “rooster” hair too…tahst wat ppl on AF called it…i was one of the few but looks to me like ive found another fan of that hair! hehe ^^

  2. haha…i’ll still reply here coz i found that when i go to the about page to reply i can’t see what you’ve written (duh i’m so smart) so i’ll still stay here ^^” and grrrr i can’t crack my DVD player coz i bought in it NZ ;_____; and yes i liked Micky’s hair (not the mullet though) and i also liked his hair on the AADBSK 2 cover, that was hoooooooooot XDDDDDD

  3. OMG have u heard this yet???
    “Super Junior Dong Hae,Eun Hyuk, Kang In, Ki Bum, Lee Teuk,Sung Min, Ye Sung will begin their military service”
    im trying to locate the article coz my friend just told me about it…pls pls pls let this just be a rumour coz im like crying and going crazy here atm =[ !!!
    have u heard any news about it?
    *fingers crossed* its not true! i dont want it happening now! too soon..theyre only allowed to go military once im married with my own family…nooo this cant be happening xD
    pls be online i need some reassurance!!!

  4. OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?!?!?! i heard Yunho got his letter, but noooooooooooooooooo they can NOT go do military service i REFUSE, hang on i’m gonna go to baidu now and check

  5. k, i just stalked Baidu and theres nothing on there about military service….I think they’ve still got a few more years don’t they?? most entertainers wait till the maximum age limit before they enter, and i don’t reckon SM would LET them enter (think of the money loss) and like Kangta whos older than them still hasn’t gone into the army so lets just pray really hard that its just a rumour :) – btw Fishy and Kibum are too young aren’t they??

  6. ok thank goodness now i can finally sleep tonight
    coz its just ive heard a few rumours about dbsk going military service and stuff but this is the first time ive heard about suju so i just got really worried xD but if the news hasnt been on anywhere else (i checked soompi as well) then i think itll just be another rumour
    my friend posted it on AF after she got it off multiply and the source was apparently some korean newspaper? so i was like OMG!
    but i think its all good now…i can breathe properly again! lol sorry i got u all worried =]
    i think theyre actually all of age but then i wonder why they wud send the younger ones like kibum…
    and apparently celebrities are allowed to go wen theyre 30? not sure how true that is…
    also theres something about an “only son” rule…but im not sure about that either co zmost of the suju + dbsk boys r only sons…must check with my korean friend…
    anywayz sleep tight tonight! (im not sure wat the time difference is from here to ur place xD)

  7. lol i think its a half hour time difference? anyway yes you did get me worried!! lol i was like WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?! But in an interview the DBSK boys did say that if one of them has to go do military service then they’ll all go with that person, how sweet is that *—–* sweet dreams about dbsk & and Suju XDDDD

  8. Everyone, please vote for DBSK to go to Beijing to perform at the Olympics. the website to vote is
    click the dot below their picture and click submit, you can vote every 30 minutes

  9. i love u guyz!

  10. how do you get the magazine?

  11. never mind i didn’t read the bottom of the post….

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