Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 29, 2007

Heechul crack dancing to a song by an SM girl group

Credit: lurv304

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL XDDDDDDD omg its things like this that makes me love Heechul more (i don’t have a ABSOLUTE favourite Suju boy…so don’t make me choose) but i mean how can you not love the guy?? when i saw it i was like:…why does he know all the moves…^^”….(and omg that guy with the glasses behind him is hilarious [who is he??])

I know Heechul’s not the best dancer in Suju but he somehow knows all the OTHER groups dances XDXDXD – and how pretty does he look (heechul not the glasses dude) ♥♥♥♥♥

Btw does anyone else find his dance moves hilarious?? (no offense to the choreographer)

Edit: check out this picture of Heechul with a girl from the SM girl group here its hilarious XDXD


  1. lol even tho i hav no idea wat this choreography looks like i can imagine heechul getting really into it
    have u seen the clip of him and shindong dancing to “O”?
    im pretty sure ive seen dbsk MV’s more than heechul has and yet i still have difficulty getting the moves right…i just find it hard to reverse everything they do.
    tho i am capable of doing the oh so famous hip thrusting move from U mv xD buahaha
    oh and random story…at K i was dancing to Rising Sun and that bit where they all jump up? well i hit my head on the ceiling and it was so painful. so since then i have given up on learning choreography to rising sun xD

  2. LOOOOL i’ve never tried doing any of their dances (i am the most un-co person in the world and their dances look HARD) and omg i LOOOOVE the jumping up bit in Rising Sun, especially in the FITB concert DVD when the camera man films it in slow motion *—-* and btw i don’t live in Sydney – i live in one of the Southern states and nooooo one here listens to K-pop but i’m starting Uni next year so maybe i’ll meet some fangirls there?? (btw what year are you in?)

  3. Im crazy for this guy. I’m collecting videos of his dance.
    Just go to those link then open another window, search in youtube for the “real” artist, then watch it together. LOL. Heechul’s imitation is really hilarious.

    HeeChul dance to “ Girls on top-BOA” credit to jessiex504

    HeeChul dance to “ Boomerang-The Grace” credit to ShadowKiar

    HeeChul dance to “Temptation of Sonata-Ivy” credit to tudaobietbuon

    HeeChul dance to “Tell Me-Wonder Girls” credit to symbelmyn

    Heechul, Shiwon, Hankyung, Shindong dance to “Tell Me-Wonder Girls” credit to gomdorii

    HeeChul dance to ” “O-DBSK” credit to massui

    HeeChul dance to “rising sun-DBSK” credit to anysss

    HeeChul dance to “Im Coming- Bi/Rain” credit to dongbangjunior credit to lad33x

    HeeChul dance to “ChanRanHan SaRang- R.ef” credit to tnbx

    HeeChul dance to “My Love- Chae Yon” credit to blackiez1

    Heechul Dance to Michael Jackson credit to larukurabu

    HeeChul dance to “Love Revolution 21- Morning Musume” credit to rasinah09

    Heechul dancing to “My Name-BOA” credit to mickyheechulx3

    HeeChul dance to “Oopsy -shim eunjin” credit to ShadowKiar

    also, you have to watch this :

    Kim Hee Chul Star Battle Performance credit to elavndrc

    New Xman #18 – Kim Heechul Star Battle Performance (en) credit to coolsmurf

  4. chaeosee:
    omg THANK YOU SO MUCH for those links!!!!! ILU ♥♥♥♥♥ i’ve only seen the ones of him dancing to “o” and “tell me” before, so thank uuuuuu :D:D:D and btw if you don’t mind, can i include these links in a Heechul post if i do one sometime next year?? because good things like these should be shared XDDDDD (i will of course give you full credit :D)

  5. @pinkandsparkly

    go ahead..! you should do that. haha..
    let’s spread our lovely heechul everywhere…


  6. i really love this guy….he seems cute…
    no! he’s handsome…hahaha LOLZ…

    it’s fun to watch the clip….i really enjoyed his dancing….
    HAHAHAHA…. i’m his no. fan for the super juniors….hahaha…

    its been a week…i love it….
    can you give me some clips of his dance???…..

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