Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 29, 2007

Leeteuk’s new hair (clear picture)

Credit: BoBo特o0『芸』@ Baidu Park Jung Soo Bar


Yes i know that he dyed it the day before and there were pictures of him on KTR with it dyed – but come on he was wearing a hood, you can’t possibly expect me to be satisfied with that XP So yes, after stalking baidu i found this nice and CLEAR picture of Teuk with his new hair NOT under a hood XDXDXD (its from the music bank performance btw) Look how smiley he is ^—————-^ I love his new hair, it makes him look more mature don’t you think? ♥ and gaaaaaaa that dimple!!! XDDDDD

P.S: If you haven’t watched the Music Bank performance yet then click here to see it


  1. Ohhhh Teukie… *dies*

    I don’t think I’ve EVER seen this man with bad hair.

    And honestly… I think I fangirl over his hair as much if not more than I fangirl over him.

    (It’s really not fair for him to be- or healthy for me to fangirl over- a man that’s prettier than I am…)

  2. kkaebi:
    yes its not fair :( and you know that he has a 24 inch waist?? TRADE WITH ME XDDDDDDD

  3. omg leeteuk <33333
    and his dimple
    *dies again*
    and yes he is sooo skinny =.=”
    its not fair!!
    oh and i found this pic of him where i was like i swear ur a woman…a very pretty one too

  4. wth…i commented on here and it disappeared…
    or did it get deleted?!
    lol…i forgot wat i said…
    i think i said:
    hes so skinny its not fair!!! *shakes fists at him*
    but his dimple *dies*
    i try so hard to give myself a dimple and then my face just looks screwed up xD
    <333 dimples!!!

  5. a pretty twig ‘e is!!!
    but if he keeps dying his hair, it’ll fall out. and then kkaebi can buy it on ebay!!

  6. cholalola16:
    yes, and then she can share some with me and I CAN CLONE HIM MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XDXDXDXD
    but yea i am worried about his hair, it can’t be good for their health if they change their hair colour once a month…

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