Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 29, 2007

New DBSK FUBU pictures

Credit: Jaejoongの莎幺 @ Baidu DBSK Bar

Yes i know this was a serious photoshoot but XDDDDDDDDDDDD it makes me laugh…..Spazzes have posted a picture here of them endorsing Nike which also made me LOL (and i totally agree with her and someone should photoshop it…just not me because my photoshop skills are non-existent..) [i must add here that i’ve already bought a pair of those Nike shoes – not the ones shown in the picture though, mine are prettier :P]

These Fubu pictures were taken with all the other Fubu pictures, except I’ve never seen these ones (you might have) so i’m posting them ^^ (i’m making them thumbnails because i don’t want to crash your computer, so click to see them bigger – you’ll definitely want to) I apologize in advance to FUBU fans for the comments i’m about to make

max-fubu-2.jpg max-fubu.jpgmicky-fubu.jpgyunho-fubu.jpgjae-fubu.jpgmicky-fubu2.jpgjae-fubu-2.jpgjunsu-fubu-2.jpg

I’m not being mean to Junsu – there was only one picture of him. Anyway, how FUNNY do they look XD first of all i didn’t even know that FUBU still existed =.= and if I was Fubu and i had to choose someone to endorse my clothes I would’ve chosen someone like…i don’t know…50 Cent or something; because even though DBSK is can pull off anything with their appearance…THEY ARE SO NOT GANGSTA XDDDDD although Micky does have the “hardcore” look down pat in those photos but junsu looks like hes BOUNCING with that little vest on :D:D:D he is such a little squishy i adore him :) and yes that picture of Jae with the jacket not zipped up is hot…but those PANTS OMG >”<

And this post wouldn’t be a DBSK post if I don’t mention Max -but the poor child is trying so hard to look gangsta so i’ll leave him alone…for now ♥♥♥♥♥ And yes the reason i made the Yunho picture full size is because its my favourite one (don’t pretend you don’t find it funny) The fur collar with the rolled up pants is just too much XDXDXD


  1. thanks for posting this… i took some will credit.

    like you, I hadnt actually seen THESE photos.
    like i saw the ones on the ad? but they had like a crease in between ><”
    i just cant stop chuckling
    coz the thing is, if you completely ignore their clothes and perhaps even their pose then these pics r really drool-worthy
    and then you slowly begin to observe wat theyre wearing and then u just cant help but laugh.
    lol u said junsu looks like hes bouncing in his pic…but actually changmin’s second pic looks even more ridiculous! (im sorry changmin I <3 u)
    it looks like he bounced off a trampoline and landed in an awkward position LOL
    but yes i agree. theyre too cute/innocent/non gansta to look gangsta xP
    oh and btw…i only know yoona bcoz shes everywhere. she was in dbsk Rising Concert (i think) and in U MV and Marry U MV and just everywhere donghae is *shakes fists*

  3. candychu:
    LOL I KNOW RIGHT the photos are hilarious XDDD
    and ooo thats who she is, (btw shes in DBSK’s magic castle MV too) did you read my heechul post just before? i didnt want to go into too much detail about the hilariousness of the dance moves but aaaa don’t you find them soooooooo funny?????? XDXDXD

    I would love to have a conversation with you about the evils of ___(insert girl group name here) but we’d probably get murdered if we do it here lol (darn it its so tempting)

    and i’m not stalking you, but when you comment me i can see your email add. and omg we live in the same country! lol~~ (i don’t know anyone in this country that likes DBSK/Suju) so that was exciting ^^

  4. em…yep shes teh one lol
    noo i cudnt watch the clip coz im actually capped ><”

  5. omg noooooooooooooooooooo my long comment got cut off again.
    wat was i saying?
    oh yeh i remember now. coz im capped i hav to wait til like 12am lol but then sometimes if its a really really tempting clip ill wait like forever for it to load LOL
    oh and i realised that if u click on my username it links to my yahoo blog…i have no idea how that happened…i so dont know how to use wordpress xD
    oh wow how awesome! u live here too!?!??! well im guessing not in sydney? (correct me if im wrong) coz there r quite a few kpop fans at my school alone
    but still it is very exciting coz many dbsk/suju fans i meet on the net are either from USA or other asian countries =S
    so yes…hi5!

  6. oo you’ll have to see it sometime then, you’ll laugh (or cringe) btw i think you’ll love this photo not sure what her name is, but shes in that group

  7. OMG…*eye twitches*…*breathe in…breathe out*…
    WHO THE HELL IS THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    omg noooooooooooooo Donghae is such a flirt =.=”
    *chucks a fit*
    have u seen this pic?

    but its lee yeon hee…and i cant possibly not like her…shes too gorgeous ^^
    okay i think ive calmed down a bit…
    oh so i was right! u dont live in sydney lol
    ooh starting first yr uni nxt yr?
    im in my final yr of high school!! so im gonna be like hell busy this yr xD then afterwards ill be able to fly to korea and marry changmin LOL
    i wish xD

  8. oh and I forgot to add…i loved FITB <33
    i think my favourite performance was Dead End…it was so hot! WHen they jumped up i was like PWOARH!!! i love when they jump from nowhere onto the stage xD
    and it was really hot wen changmin and junsu were on the thingies n the other 3 were wheeling them around…then at the end of the performance wen they were like marching and stuff!
    actually no i lie. my favourite performance was Proud <33 i cry like everytime i watch it.
    actually i cry whenever i see guys cry ahaha….i have a soft spot for sensitive boys…hmm…*runs off*

  9. lol i love our convos we have here XDDD and yes Fishy is suuuuuuuuuch a little flirt! Good luck with year 12!!! (its really not as bad as people say)and yes and afterwards we can fly to Korea and STALK THE BOYS TOGETHER WOOOOOOT we’ll have to remember to drag Spazzes with us though coz we’re gonna need lots and lots of fangirls to [break into SM] (pretend the [] is a strike XD) meet the boys ;)

    Oooo and P.S: i love the Proud performance too!!!!! and the “O” performance just because its so awesome to see them sing it live – except the DVD players you buy in Australia don’t play Region 3 so i have to watch it on my laptop screen ;____;

  10. remember when i took ur pics? yeha I made wallpapers out of them. I credited you here.

  11. oops I don’t know how this trackback thing works so if you want to seem them just click on my webbie ^_^ it’s the first post for now i believe. hope u like them!

  12. […] just one of the wallpapers that the lovely Sakura Drops made out of the photos that i posted up here, click HERE to see more (and see them bigger, coz you know you want to ;)) I don’t know about […]


  14. You have to wonder if they groan at HALF the stuff the stylists at these photo shoots make them wear! XD

  15. they are so hot <3 "hot"

  16. poor max.
    and i never noticed how long mickys neck was …
    this is just so… lol

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