Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 30, 2007

Hannie on the Chinese show “Happy Dictionary”

Credit: Wenzhuangg @ youtube part 2 here, and part 3 here

Sorry its unsubbed at the moment, but i’m sure the fantastic girls over at youtube will sub it soon so dw :D I personally love it when Hannie goes on chinese shows though – coz that means i can finally understand what hes saying XDDDD

Anyway…you don’t actually see him until 3.45 minutes into the show because of all the advertisements and people talking at the start, but omg when he does come out he does a dance to Chris Brown’s “Run it” (which i have permanently burned into my brain because its one of my best friend’s favourite songs ^^”) and of course he pulls it off perfectly, btw i love what hes wearing, makes me want to abduct him and take him home XDD

After the dance the audience votes on who they want the announcers to question first, and of course Hannie wins the votes because he is so awesome :D (not saying the other two aren’t) So yea he gets asked questioned first (the show is like a trivia quiz show) but before they quiz him they ask him about his korean skills and Hannie tells them that hes fully competent with everyday Korean language now; i think Heechul would beg to differ XDXDXD and also says that hes really happy being in Suju and that the 13 of them have heaps of fun together (AWWWWW)

The presenter then shows a short video clip of Hannie from performances (Twins, Don’t Don, U, Miracle) and THEN….SUJU COMES ON!!! yes…they introduce themselves in Chinese first and then in Korean. (I don’t see Kyu or Heechul there though…) and they say that soon they will also go to China and meet the chinese fans and then they say : zai jian (bye bye) <33333 after about 2 more minutes into the video they play another clip of Hannies mum (who btw is heaps younger than I thought) and Hannie cries ;____; but then after the video he tells the presenter how he hasn’t even seen his mum yet since he got back and HANNIES MUM COMES ON STAGE and its sooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute seeing Hannie and his mum together *———*

After his mum goes and sits in the audience, the host asks him to do all these moves like chinese martial arts, taekwondo, ballet, etc…and of course Hannie does them all perfectly because he is awesome ♥ and then mid way during part 3 he does this little dance with one of the hosts. Ooo and btw Hannie got all the questions right because he is perfect XDDDDDDD

P.S: I just realised that I’ve written 450 words and that its pretty much all incoherent spazzing about Hannie’s awesomeness ^^”; and i’m sorry about the bad quality of the video…(its still watchable so thats ok)


  1. damnit. i want to watch this clip…
    but…must resist…for now xD
    aww i love seeing hankyung do ballet!!
    well ive only seen him do it once on Full House and i replayed it like 50 times
    lol i loved it wen sungmin was doing that flying kick and then hankyung does the same and sungmin was like “damn he stole my spotlight” xD
    and wen they were “cock fighting” and hankyung shows off by kicking and then he just kinda collapsed buahahaha

  2. wats happening to my comments? =[

  3. yoohoo~

  4. ok *fingers crossed* this one will work
    as i was saying *insert annoyed face* .. i wanna watch that clip!
    and i will…as soon as i can ><”
    i love seeing hankyung do ballet!! even tho id only seen it once…on FUll House but his twirl (forget correctn term) was enough to make me spazzzzz for hrs….and i liked his martial arts in that ep where they went to do that…thing…and in the cockfighting game wen he showed off by kicking n then he lost anyway hahahah xD hankyungs so cute xD !!

  5. it still wont work *shakes fists*
    this had better be a temporary thing only


  7. hankyung doing ballet is cool ?

  8. LOL @ my comments
    well im back to post wat i originally wanted to say xD
    OMG i wanna watch that clip!!! So badly xD
    I love seeing Hankyung do ballet!! Actually ive only seen him do it once and that was on full house…but that twirl he did (forget correct terminology) was just so graceful!!
    and his martial arts!! ^__^ LOL @ wen they were cockfighting and he was showing off his flexibility by doing a kick n everyones like “PWOAR” then he lost wen he just kinda lost balanced n collapsed to the floor…sigh good times good times xD

  9. Hankyung is super cute on that show. It’s okay to spazz over him that much ^____^.

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