Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 30, 2007

Kyuhyun Mp3s (incl.DBSK’s Hug + I believe;A whole new world, White Christmas)

Last night the Suju boys performed at the SBS Gayo Daejun 2007 show (Spazzes has posted up videos from the performance here) and Kyuhyun, Ryewook, Donghae (wheres Yesung??), Sunday(CSJH), and Tiffany (SNSD) sang DBSK’s Hug :D:D

I just found the Mp3 at the Baidu Super Junior Bar posted by 奎家姐姐团 and i’ve uploaded the song here, its pretty short though, only 2.49; but its still lovely :D

The same person that posted that Mp3 also posted the following:

DBSK’s I Believe – sang by Kyu and Min Kyung Hoon from Buzz (i’ve already posted the video here)

The famous A whole new world performance from Starking – Sang by Kyu and Charice

And White Christmas – sang by Kyu and a lady whose name i do not know…

P.S: These were in a zip file along with 26 other Kyu mp3s…so if you know the name of another Kyu solo that you want then leave me a message and i’ll send it to you, i didn’t want to upload the entire zip file because its around 60 something megabytes =.=


  1. OMG awesome! thanks so much for the mp3 files
    kyuhyun is my second fav from suju and his voice is like my fav out of everyone i know coz not only can he sing superbly but his voice is so smooth and sexy and everything wonderful!
    i dled all 3 of those files…and WOW 26 other files? lol i want them xD haha but im not actually aware of any other songs hes sung…but hmmm…lol hmm is there a list of the songs u have?
    sorry to be such a bother xD
    but i love listening to his “i cant let chuuuu go” coz then i think hes singing it to me coz my last name is chu…LOL xD
    *dream on* eh?
    oh btw im so happy coz today i got my yoochun heart and changmin banana shirt and i got my yunho black earrings!!! hehehe xD *happy happy*

  2. awwwww lucky!! i really wanted the Micky shirt =.= yea there is a list, but i think i’ll just send you the uploading site and password and you can download all of them XDDD (i’ll send it in an email) – btw i left a comment on your blog :DDDD and yes Kyu’s voice is soooo nice and smooooooooooth, he was recently voted least favourite on a suju poll though (grr i hate those polls) ;_____;

  3. okay cool thanks! ill go check my email now ^^
    omg argh r u serious? yes i hate those polls too =.=” usually with dbsk its changmin that comes last…but whatver its not like every single fan votes…coz i clearly didnt vote for that suju one.
    ooh u have a yahoo account too? hehe well ill be expecting more comments from you *wink wink* lol…its just my blog is oh-so-lonely…
    but anyway yeh same! i like fahrenheit coz theyre good looking and stuff but definitely not enough for me to fangirl like crazy…im not even sure if ill buy their 2nd album or not xD i bought the first one tho…came with a massive poster…that aws a bonus lol xD
    anywayz DBSK + SUJU <333 lol

    I took the ‘White Christmas’ one! Thanks for uploading <33.

  5. you’re welcome, sharing is caring ♥♥♥ XDXDXD
    Did you see the new DBSK Fubu photos? ….i like to laugh at them…in a good way XP

  6. Hey, I would totally <333 it if you could pass that link to me too? After reading your post, I searched for it and found 3 baidu topics sharing his audio rips but all of the links were down T__T haha I kind of wish I didn’t read your post now since I must totally get them o_<
    Anyways, happy new year! :]

  7. Awww i’m sorry the links didn’t work for you~ Try this one:
    The password is: 166c29a5
    The file is in .rar format though, so make sure you have something to unzip it :D
    Tell me if it works or not
    Happy new year to you too, and thanks for reading :)

  8. ^T__T yep, I think its reached its max d/l. Maybe if I stalk the baidu bar someone would reupload it again haha [dies]
    Thanks for the link<3 ^^

  9. jasumiso:
    aww sorry it didn’t work, but i’m sure it’ll be uploaded again, cause everyone loves that boy XDXD

  10. ROFLMAO! …..I swear your blog is FAMOUS!!

    I went to blackle[dot]com (cos its environmental friendly goodness!) And typed in “Kyuhyun white christmas” First link that came up was
    “Kyuhyun singing DBSK’s “I Believe”« Let’s all eat candy”

    So yeh…i laughed, cos on the post there was some stuff abotu you stalking kyu xDD

    But at the bottom of the page there was a related post labelled “Kyuhyun mp3” ….so I clicked on that, and VOILA! The mp3 I was looking for!!

    ……yeh, thats my life story. Thanks for reading and an even bigger thankyou for sharing the mp3 I wanted before Id even asked for it ^^ *gives you a jaejoong shaped gummy and runs away*

  11. the most charm in suju members was kyu hyun..
    he has beautiful voice..
    i hope i can see kyu hyun oppa…

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