Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 31, 2007

DBSK at the Bigeast Fanclub meeting

Credit: Baidu DBSK Bar and Hero Wings


These photos were taken at the recent Bigeast fan meeting that the boys had with their Japanese fans. As much as i love them, i have to say FIRE YOUR STYLIST because first of all…wth are they wearing??? Max and Micky are wearing GRANDPA sweaters >< and secondly the HAIR omg (i never realised how bright Jaes hair was) and Yunho…you reaaaaally need a haircut..the long hair with the curly thing going on at the back is painful (imo)

But all that aside, how cute is Micky’s expression in the second picture?? Hes looking at the toys with a o_O expression like hes scared to touch them XDXDXD

Edit: watch a Yunho fancam from the event here and a Micky fancam here – i think they’re from different days, but they’re wearing the same outfits so i’m not sure ^^”


  1. lol im just choosing to ignore wat theyre wearing
    but omg changmin’s face in the first pic!!!!!
    he looks like the biggest kid <3333 *cuddles*
    and look at that wannabe dimple/massive dent on his face lol xD buahahahha
    i reckon jae has lightened his hair again..or maybe its the lighting
    coz it was semi orange and now its actually yellow!?
    anywayz Happy New Year!! And happy bday sungmin!!

  2. lol “massive dent” hahahahahaha XDXDXDXD
    and yes Jaes hair is YELLOW i tell you and he looks so pale and skinny ;_____;
    Happy New Year to you too!!

  3. actually jaes hair is not tht bright,its just the light(; its really smooth actually lol,if you see it you cant stop staring at it. its only the lighting.but he look so skinny:( opppa eat pleasee. OMG i agree i love the 1st pic they look happy!(: and mickey is soo cute. thnkx again:D and happy new year!!!!!

  4. I miss Jaes black hair actually >< – but from your comment i got the impressions that you’ve seen him IN REAL LIFE??? I AM SO JEALOUS OF UUUUUU lol XDXD
    Happy New Year to you too, thanks for commenting :D

  5. haha,i dont care wht color hair he has(;
    black-he looks sexy and mysterious(some fans think it looks cold (?)

    blonde-he looks more friendlier.ahah thts wht a lot of ppl said

    current hair color-he looks very friendly! i jsut wanna touch his hair. if you see in real life,omgg jae’s and yunho’s hair is just so smooth. when they ran and their hair was blown.omgg was going crazy xD

    haha srry out of the topic:p

  6. yea hes gorgeous with any colour XD
    and i was right you HAVE seen them in real life AAAAAAA i am so jealous!!!! I’ve heard people say how they’re even better looking in real life?? don’t know how thats possible coz they’re already GORGEOUS *———*

  7. AHAHA ITS POSSIBLE!!!!! ITS REALLYY POSSIBLE AND I WAS IN FRONT OF THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH! MICKEY SMILED/LAUGHED AT ME!! MEN IM CRAZY,why did you remind me i went to their concert lol! ahha
    ahha here i describe one by one
    jae-he looks like an anime,his hair omg<3 HIS VOICE! WHEN HE SANG CRYING is sooo love<3
    yunho-omgg,his hair haha soo smooth and his really manly
    mickey-his cheekbones is so love and the way he laugh<3
    junsu-ahhh,is it me or he look cute+charisma haha and his voice is seriously so so so so pure.and so ergh!cant describe
    baby changmin-he is really SMOOKIN HOT!! i mean really hot!! his voice is so powerful! man i love dbsk:p
    there you go,i went crazy ahah.

  8. aww thats for your description!! i wish i went to the concert ;___; how was the concert though? shall i get it on DVD? and everyone whos seen Max in real life says that he is so so so unphotogenic because hes so good looking in real life, is that true??

  9. YES!seroiusly i was surprised tht changmin was THT hot! like seriously! when he stand in front of me i was like is tht really changmin?it really gave me a shock. hmm DVD?hmmm idk but the concert was raelly like CRAZY and like i said i lost 5kg(just imagine how high i was xD) many ppl faint AS USUAL lol. if it was me i will buy it but i dont have money. how much is it btw? cause all the ppl i know tht bought it said tht the performance was hot. its up to you LOL.
    well just tell me hw much is it?and hw much money you have if you buy it?

  10. The DVD is $49.99US if you also want the poster in a tube, and $39.80US if you don’t want the poster – the information can be found here

  11. lol in malaysian it cost like 165.54 ! hahah
    well,if you buy it you can see junsu WET! lol
    and spokesman is a very lively performance. hmm,i think its up to you if you wanna buy it. if you think its a waste of money better not but if you really want it and seriously dying. BETTER BUY IT ahha.

  12. “This two-disc package also includes making of footage, concert rehearsal clips, and music videos.”

    OMG,BUY IT lol. if you want of crse haha

  13. yep, already preordered it XD c’mon any of the boys getting wet is good enough motivation XP

  14. ahahah GOOD JOB! lol.i wish i have money now,erghh,why is the ticket so expensive:/ but surprisingly compare to last year’s concert the price of the ticket is doubled and the total of fans also has doubled(;
    ok then i think we should end this lol. talk to you later(; happy new year again!! and keep supporting the dong bang boyyss(:

  15. wow we had like a mini conversation lol :D
    happy new year to you too~~

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