Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 31, 2007

DBSK Fubu Wallpapers


Thats just one of the wallpapers that the lovely Sakura Drops made out of the photos that i posted up here, click HERE to see more (and see them bigger, coz you know you want to ;)) I don’t know about you, but i always use DBSK/Suju as my desktop wallpaper *everyone stares at the crazy obsessed fan* XP – although right now my wallpaper is of a shining blue Christmas tree coz i’ve been procrastinating about changing it XDDD but yes GO THERE to see the wallpapers and leave her a comment telling her how awesome she is :D


  1. I really love DBSK..

  2. i like DBSK expensively yunho

  3. Love DBSK so much!!!!

  4. luvvvve DBSK 4eva..

  5. from K.S.A

    we love u guys u have lots of fans here

    wish u best of luke

  6. DBSK so coooool..
    forever love you …

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