Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 31, 2007

DBSK Oricon Style 12.31 Scans

Credit: 神影仙踪★咗誀 @ Baidu DBSK Bar &


Click to see that one bigger, and theres another picture here

I think they’re all sitting down on some kind of day bed or something, it looks really squishy~~ and the boys all look so nice and happy XD – which is why i put that picture up and not the other one. I’m still a bit >”< about their current hairstyles though…especially Yunho’s, its getting to long and bushy and it makes his face look smaller than it already is ;___; he needs to go get it cut! Preferably to the hairstyle that he had here:



P.S: i’m still deciding whether or not i should get DBSK’s “O” concert DVD…i would really appreciate it if someone who has it can tell me if its worth getting or not :D


  1. i cant see the pictures coz its taking forever to load so ill just comment on wat uve written xD
    i agree…i reckon yunho with long hair makes his face look even smaller…but i reckon he did look good in the preview for EHB
    i was discussing with my friend…was the person who spun around and threw the ball yesung? and the person who ran up the wall junsu?
    i personally reckon if u can wait then dont get the “O” concert yet…coz wen they later released the taiwan version of RS it came with a little card thingy and that was pretty cool *shrug* xD haha

  2. ohh right i saw the second yunho pic
    i loved that pic
    dont u just wish u could have a bodyguard looking like that?
    i liked yunho’s miss you/step by step days…the colour + length looked good
    i loved it ^^

  3. lol sorry but i have no idea who was doing what in the EHB preview (i just saw Siwon throw the ball at Yunho) but i guess we’ll see what happened in….5 more days? argh yes, i wish their stylist would do SOMETHING to their hair (not max’s though, leave him alone!!)

  4. is it me or their hairs in korea always looks good:p i love the korean stylist LOL. yeah omg i love the picture of yunhooo oh melt:p btw the picture looks like they are saying “come ppl,give us a hug” ahah

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