Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 31, 2007

DBSK’s Rising Sun mixed with Linkin Park

Credit: luna1427 @ youtube

At the start of the clip the video maker used the Rising Sun piano version to go with some bits from the MV ( i have the Rising Sun piano version uploaded here) and theeennnnn the second half of the clip is different footages from Rising Sun/Triangle/and “O” that plays while Linkin Park’s Faint plays in the background. I’m not really a huge fan of Linkin Park, but I do like some of their songs – i’ll upload one when i do my English music post in 2008 (so thats something to look forward to…or not)

But anyway, the video maker does a really good job imo, the footages from DBSK’s MVs goes really well with the song and it actually looks like DBSK filmed an MV for Faint lol XD (strictly from my point of view, Linkin Park fans don’t kill me). I don’t know about you but i never really liked their “Triangle” look…but iono..maybe i’m alone on that one?


  1. another MV which was made by a fan that i thought was really well done was Ride On
    i think it got taken off the net coz it was “inappropriate” im not sure
    BUT the lyrics were pretty funny and the footages the fan used either “made sense” and corresponded with the lyrics she typed (coz she made her own translations up) or they lipsynched at the right time and stuff
    have u seen it?
    lol i wasnt a fan of their triangle look…actually i liked yoochun’s his hair looked nice and he looked really cool with eyeliner ^^
    but changmin…he looked like he stepped out of some anime xD

  2. candychu:
    pissshhhh thats dissapointing, i want to see the clip ;_________;
    I loved Micky’s hair most in Rising Sun ^^ and yes i agree that Changmin looked like a anime character =.= actually so did all of them….

  3. whoahs this vid was actually a good one . i’ve seen other s that are a parody type . they ruin the song for me =[
    but this one was good and yes DBSK did look like they were filmiing for Linkin Park haha

  4. Minjee4micky:
    Yea, there are some really WEIRD ones out there made by fans that are kinda =.=”
    I thought this one flowed really well, and everything just worked :D Lol i wonder what Linkin Park would say if they saw this XDDDD

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