Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 1, 2008

DBSK new years eve CDTV performance

Credit: sirotantan05 @ youtube

ooooooooomg they did so good!! They sang LIVE and you know normally when they perform it, Jae and Junsu gets the most parts, but this time they SPLIT IT EVENLY :D and aaa it was just really really good, it amazes me each time they perform live how great their voice control is, if someone told me that that performance was lip synched i would’ve believed them, thats how good they did XDXD.

Also everyone looked great! I know i’ve been complaining about Yunho’s hair excessively in my recent posts (in fact you all probably want to harm me at this stage), but his hair looked good in that performance!! Like it actually didn’t look bushy and long like it did in the photoshoots :D:D:D:D:D

You can watch them perform Last Angel with Koda Kumi here I didn’t embed that one because to be honest…i can’t stand that song =.= not because of Koda Kumi (i think shes cute) but purely just because of the REPETITIVENESS of the song, gar i can’t STAND it – i’ve even taken it off my ipod :| but i think i’m in the minority because that song has been received quite well by other fans (yea i’m weird i know)

Happy New Year everyone!! ♥♥♥♥♥

(I know its after Christmas but :D good song)


  1. LOL,yr fast!i just finished watching this and when i came to your blog you posted it xD yeahh they really look hot in thisxD and you can see tht changmin wanna eat ALLL of the food lol. lovable dong bang boys(:

  2. koreanchocolate:
    yes…thats generally what happens when the weather is 43 degrees (Celcius) outside – i stalk youtube XD
    and i haven’t watched the bit of them eating yet coz i get frustrated when i can’t understand what they’re saying lol ^^”

  3. oooh! jaesu moment at the end! love them!

  4. Melly21:
    yea those two always sounds good together ^^

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