Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Sungmin ♥

Wow…hes already 22…(or 23 Korean age), hes so cute that I keep thinking hes younger than me lol :D


I think that was taken at Eunhyuk’s birthday party? This might be a bit strange but I LOVE HIS PINK HAIR!!! – i just think its really cute…and it suits him (way better than his Don’t Don hair imo…don’t get me started on that :|) And here are two photos of the cake that the Korean fans gave him for his birthday:


Credit: 想嫁给赫在哒蛋 @ Baidu Super Junior Bar

wow thats a pretty cake – look how INTRICATE it is – I especially like the piano thing happening at the back :D

imo hes one of the cutest boys in Suju and he has a reaaaally good voice, he always gets a few lines in Suju songs :D so…HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNGMIN ♥♥♥♥♥

EDIT: Because i suck at making videos (actually i don’t even know how) i will direct you all to here where theres a really cute Sungmin birthday tribute video and the pictures are so cute; i was all ^——–^ when i was watching it XD and btw i LOOOOVED his performance in the Suju movie, especially when he opened his locker and everything flew out and hit him in the face lololol – and i liked his little mini-me doll too :D



  1. LMAO hes pink ALL OVER AHAHHA
    so cute ^.^
    and yes i agree! he has a good voice =]
    when i first started listening to suju (before i could identify the voices) i always thought that his voice sounded a bit like changmin’s ^^
    but pwoar!! that cake…i would never want to eat it…its too cute! who would want to cut that up ??? ^^

  2. candychu:
    you know his favourite colour is pink? lol~~
    and yess that cake is so pweeeeeetty i would just stare at it and not eat it

  3. Sung min oppa,you are shio rabbit you have 24 very happy to celebrate your birthday today.we as you fans wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009. We are love you,we are really really like you SUNG MIN.HÁPpÿ Bríthdáy.

  4. We are really really like you,you are so cute SUnG MiN. HÁPPÿ BRithday SUNG MIN

  5. He’s 23 now XDXD
    may you always be happy with *cough* ANNA!

  6. Happy birthday. Thx.

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