Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 2, 2008

Individual Suju shots from DBSK’s EHB taping

Credit: 想嫁给赫在哒蛋 @ Baidu Super Junior Bar

I love it when photos are leaked out :D


Teukie looks so smiley and dorky in this outfit; I really thinks that he suits his current black hair more than the blonde ^^ and OMG IS THAT JAE BEHIND HIM ?!?!?!?! it IS IT IS IT IS!!!EEEEEEEEEEE *dances*


Heechul….that pose is very him isn’t it ;)


Hangeng has that “yea i’m hot” look on his face, but it just doesn’t work with the dorky name tag and sweater XD


Yesung looks so pale here…i had no idea that he was the 4th oldest in Suju until I put everyones picture in age order in this post ><


Kangin has the “tough guy” look down pat, he reminds me of a bouncer/body guard/school bully in this photo XDXD


So smiley…^——–^ makes me want to take him home and buy him lots and lots of food XD


Such a cute smile, so different to his picture in this post


lolololol dork~~XD


Fishy is wearing his “trademark” smile again :D:D


Why are you wearing two badges??? – I think one’s Kyuhyun’s; I just finished watching episode 8 of EHB (its subbed!) and ooomg sweetest boy ever.

I always thought that Kibum was older than Ryewook, till I did this post. worst fan ever

Kyuhyun has to be special and hold up his badge instead of wearing it :D I guess he stole it back from Ryewook?

EDIT: nanshi just reminded me that i forgot Eunhyuk!!!! AAAAA i didn’t upload them in the order that they were posted on Baidu so grrrr can’t believe I missed someone *sits in the corner and rocks back and forth being emo* so to make up for it, heres TWO Eunhyuk photos, one from this and one from the KBS performance. Sorry Eunhyuk fans!!!


He also looks pale…;___; (i think it might be the lighting though) lol but how much do you love his blue comb and see through sequin top that hes wearing in the second picture XDXD

P.S: I don’t actually know what their names look like in Korean, so i’m assuming that they’re all wearing their own name tag; except for Ryewook who has (i think) Kyuhyun’s on too :D:D


  1. lol they all look so cute ^^ thank you so much !!^^

  2. yay
    kangin looks soo manly.
    aaahhh sungmin!!!
    he’s so cute!!!!
    wanna kidnap him
    joking of course ^^
    i think…..

  3. l00klikeme:
    You’re welcome:D:D and yes when do the boys not look cute :P
    Take me with you when you go!! XP

  4. yep. Wookie is wearing Q’s tag! Wait… where’s Eunhyuk? I know he was there cause everyone’s freaking out about the major HyukSu… I love Ryeowook. and haha, this fits in with some account of the taping cause Kangin was going around acting like the DongBangs bodyguard… cute!

  5. Nanshi:
    SORRY I MISSED OUT EUNHYUK!!!!AAAAAA cant believe i did that >”< but i’ve posted it up now :D thanks for the reminder!!♥♥♥♥♥

  6. nevermind I found it. That is weird…but the last page is linked back to you and another blog now…

  7. eeteukluv:
    I’m confused…=.=

  8. i just love sungmin & ryeowook. so innocent & cute. :D :D :D :D hehe. yes they’re all wearing their own tag & ryeo IS wearing kyuhyuns hehe. i wonder how his got onto ryeowook’s neck. ;) hehe! can’t wait!

  9. coriohh:
    oo thanks for telling me :D and yes, Sungmin and Ryewook does have that “sweet and innocent” look about them don’t they…. *starts plotting another evil plan* XD

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