Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 2, 2008

Mod Post

Ok…this is weird, i just went to a blog (that shall remain unnamed) who copied all my EXACT entries, picture for picture, word for word and didn’t give any credit what-so-ever; and whats worse is that this is the second time now. I don’t mind if people take pictures/music/videos from here (thats why i share them in the first place) if proper credit is given, but please don’t copy all my entries WORD FOR WORD especially the comments, because thats plagiarism =.=

You guys have all been so great – especially the people who leave lovely comments (ILU!) and i’m sorry for sounding like such a Nazi, but pleeaaaase don’t copy and paste my posts word for word! its really frustrating; not to mention scary when i stumble upon a blog with all the exact same contents, just with a different layout :| I have heaps of fun finding all the pictures and fangirling with you guys, so lets keep it that way ok? If i keep seeing stuff like this and getting really retarded comments then i’m going to have to close this blog; but i don’t want to cause i have heaps of fun finding new stuff and fangirling with you guys :)…so lets all do the right thing and keep fandoms FUN




  1. ooh, i love your blog and i’m sorry to hear about that! but please dont be too affected by it cos you still have your loyal supporters (like me!). take care! and continue keeping us updated on all the super junior and dong bang stuff! :D

  2. melly21:
    awww thanks for your lovely comment :):) you’re so sweet *——*

  3. first of all you are most definitely NOT a Nazi [hugz u]. i think its a pretty reasonable request, to be at least credited, since you extend the same courtesy to the people you get pics/vids from.

    and always, thanks for sharing the dongbang/suju love ^_^ fangurlism rawks XD

  4. can you give the name of the blog so we can call them out

  5. querubin:
    *hugs back :D* yea i was just a little freaked out to find all my content on another blog o_0 lol~~ thank you for commenting~~(your comments are always so lovely ^—^) XDXD

    lol na thanks for the offer, but i’m hoping that when they read this they’ll get the message (hopefully :)) Btw i love teukie too XDXD

  6. UGH I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN :/. That’s happened a few times with the ♥prettyboypower♥ blog as well … I think I eventually just gave up :(.

    But theirs can NEVER compare to yours! <33

  7. eghh,i’ll attack tht blog! lol, but continue with yr great work!! yr the original she/he/they is/are the fake one(; HWAITING!contine to support & spread the dongbangsuju love(and the others of crse):D
    srry i havent cmmnt fr 2 days,school just started+_+

  8. Spazzes:
    Yes its very lovely, especially when you get comments telling you how much the boys suck, (why would you read it if you don’t like them?? *rolls eyes)and yes the originals are always the best
    And nothing can ever compare to the ♥prettyboypower♥ blog (and even if they do copy it, it won’t have all my lovely comments on it so it can’t compare XDXDXD)

    Omg what kind of school do you go to?!?! (lol sorry its just that school doesn’t start for me till March ;))
    and thank you for your lovely comment!! Good luck with school! Hwaiting!!

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