Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 2, 2008

Pretty DBSK January wallpapers

Credit: The photoshop gurus over at

Click Here to download pretty DBSK wallpapers like this one:


and this one:


Theres 11 altogether and they’re all in a zip file (so make sure you can unzip it) and they’re all so pretty~~ Seeing these have actually motivated me to learn photoshop; i went and got it today so in twelve years time soon i’ll be able to make some and share them :D



  1. ooh thanks for sharing i just dl-ed it [delayed reaction? hahah XD]

    good luck with the photoshop ^_^ i’m sure you’ll learn quick, if you have such pretty boys for subjects/ inspiration. aja ^_^

  2. querubin:
    thanks for the encouragement lol but eeeeeee photoshop is so haaard =.=

  3. So pretty~~! It IS motivating, holy crap..

    but the link is broken! @_@; could you send me a new one?

  4. Yea, can you please update the link again? I really want that wallpaper badly, it looks so nice! ^^

  5. please reupload link?
    i reali want to use the yunho one :D

  6. omgoshhh, so hot! i especially like the jaejoong one! can you reupload the link? thnk you!

    [[you rock on photoshop :)]]

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