Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 2, 2008

Suju HQ pictures from KBS performance

Credit: 想嫁给赫在哒蛋 Baidu Super Junior Bar

click to see them bigger – you know the drill ;)


Dear Suju’s Stylist:

Thank you so very very much for putting the boys in such revealing nice looking outfits.

With lots of love and appreciation from your loyal supporter


XDXDXDXD where should I start?? Kangin…your top is so low!!…..AND I LOVE IT *———* From the pictures it looks like they performed Don’t Don and o_O the pictures that resulted from it are SO GOOD


Sungmin:….I take back everything I said in your birthday post about you being a cute and smiley kid :D:D


Teuk: Even with that loooooow top on you’re still so smiley ♥____♥


Yesung: I love how he can pull the sexy look off so well during performances, but then be so much fail in variety shows XD


Donghae: Aww Fishy i’m NOT loving the ponytail =_= and you look like you’re wearing Kangin’s jacket XP

And now for my favourite one….:



Edit : Thanks to Rainydaze i now have a picture of FLASHER RYEWOOK – YUUUUUS XD – enjoy ;)




  1. XD the wedding dress thingy wft? lolz lolz lolz lawlz too funny geez i am still laughing lols
    no lolz again too hilarious!!!!

  2. Sakura Drops:
    i know, i have noooo idea what he was wearing that for, but it definitely made me LOL

  3. hopefully it wasn’t for marry u.
    cause i just threw up in my mouth and i don’t wanna do it again.
    as for the rest of them, HOT
    kangin take it all off.

  4. cholalola16:
    ooo but don’t you find it reaaally funny??
    but yes they DO need to take it all off XP especially Donghae cause that ridiculously big jacket is hiding everything XDXDXD

  5. it’s funny, just caught me offguard.
    as for hiding something…i think hae’s trying to hide the baby
    we may never know
    a mystery…..-0-

  6. Cholalola16:
    lol yea i know what you mean, its like….hot picture…hot picture…hot picture..BAM shindong in a wedding dress o_0

  7. exactly

  8. […] Such a cute smile, so different to his picture in this post […]

  9. omg *flails* Yesung… why so sexxxyyyy? *flails some more*

  10. hoow exactly did i miss donghee in a dress

  11. Kkaebi:
    *flails with you*~~~ XD

    He pulls it off pretty well don’t you think ;)

  12. Seriously. That boy has the rocker look DOWN. *ogles*

    BUT. If you have blushing bride Donghee… You should definitely put up flasher Ryeowook. XDDD

  13. kkaebi:
    i don’t have Wookie’s picture ;_____:

  14. Hahaha, I don’t even know that there is an official picture. But flasher!wook was the highlight of my night. *dies*

  15. I LOLed seeing Donghae in that jacket. And I see Chul’s hair in the back in one of those pictures <3 I LOVE IT LIKE THIS XD And I agree with kkaebi. flasher!wook = WAY too much laugher :3

  16. Rainydaze:
    hiiiiiiiiiiiii i recognized your username from Spazzes blog :D
    and i REALLY want to see a picture of flasher wookie, but grrr can’t find one >”<
    thanks for commenting :)

  17. Hahah yeah :3 I found your site from the Spazzes blog too XD And I know this isn’t exactly a clear picture of flasher!wook, but .. I got bored [coughDISTRACTEDcough] and decided to make a screencap, lmao.

  18. rainydaze:
    thanks for the picture!!
    Will edit this post to include it :D

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