Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 3, 2008

DBSK promoting their sportswear (subbed)

Credit: AyuXJunsu @ youtube

Some of you guys might have seen this before, but i’ve never seen this till now so i thought i’d share it :D

In the video the guys are wearing the sportswear they designed around the time of their 2nd live tour in Japan. They each to a special promotion of about 35 seconds on why you should buy their sportswear XD

Jae’s promo: the jacket has a gold line and there are crystals on the pants…the outfit is also good to exercise in as the material is stretchy..- ok i accept that promotion even though i’m a bit =.= about the crystals on the pants XP

Yunho’s promo: The outfit is pretty…especially the gold line on the jacket – in fact it will help you to be found if you are lost :O and omg this boy is so good at doing promos, he said that WOMEN WILL BECOME PRETTY WHEN THEY WEAR THIS; you just know that all the girls who saw it wants one now (btw he looks so dorky here XD)

Junsu’s promo: We used expensive materials…so please buy lots of it XDXDXD looooooooooooooool

Micky’s promo: Its a special jersey…so buy it ;) – i also love how hes the only boy who remembered to promote their live tour XDXD and his bye-bye at the end was funny lol

Changmin’s promo: its a you’ll be able to move with ease..also we wear this alot, so everyone should try and wear it :D

LSM’s powers of churning out merchandise will never cease to amaze me; I seriously think the man wants to take over the world :| therefore i am RESISTING against LSM and his evil ways, thats right, i am RESISTING despite the fact that YUNHO TOLD ME I WILL BECOME PRETTY IF I BUY THE JACKET >< ………MUST RESIST PROMOS BY PRETTY BOYS *shakes fist at LSM* – he really knows how to sell stuff thats for sure…

P.S: Which promo did you like best? – personally i liked Yunho’s and Junsu’s :D


  1. Chanmin sounds like a commercial haha. xP Chun’s jacket is zipped up all the way. o_o is he wearing anything under?? XP LOL.

  2. whoops :X Changmin* sorry hehh.

  3. coriohh:
    oooooooo I didn’t notice about his jacket *goes and investigates*

  4. I actually think they ARE really pretty… I think like Junsu’s the best. He’s like “PLEASE BUY IT! WE SPENT A LOT OF MONEY ON IT AND IT’S CUTE!” Or Jaejoong just cause he looked dorky and was all like, “HEY SHINY GLITTERY PANTS! LOOK CAMERA PAN DOWN TO MY PANTS!” hehe. that didn’t sound right…


  6. haha jj look so dorky and lovable. i dont know why but he just look like a lil kid getting all excited abt his jersey!!hahah i wanna hugg him! LOOL yunho why are you a dork!?WHY i love it! haha!he is standing oh so straight:p & he was like buy it *pause fr a second* its pretty *pause fr a second* LOL.changmin really know how to advertise huh(; but i think i’ll choose junsu and mickey(;

  7. Nanshi:
    LOL Jae is suuuuuuuuuuch a dork (and thats why i love him XD) and Junsu’s promo was so cuuuuute – he is such a cute little squishy *——*

    *high fives* ^—-^

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