Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 3, 2008

DBSK – Together off shot movie SUBBED

Credit: Sushi103 @ youtube

I’ve already uploaded the Together mp3 in this post (i’ve also written my thoughts on the song)

I loved subbed videos…everything just makes so much more sense once its subbed XD – eg. i now know what the heart in Yunho’s Christmas card means lol

Yunho’s little Korean lesson at the start was funny (he should teach me Korean, i would be a A++++ student XP) And when Jae said “I sing the brightest part” it reminded me of the “my FRRRIIIIEEENNNNNDDDDSSSSS” intro at the start of the song *shudders* but i did like Micky’s “my friend” line that he did, i don’t know, maybe if they do an acoustic version of this song i’d actually like it :P I totally disagree with Junsu’s “the chorus is the best part line” but i bet he was saying that just to be polite to the song writer But i do agree with Yunho that the song is a “happy” song…TOO happy though…MUCH TOO HAPPY

The bit when they draw Christmas cards is precious *——-* it reminded me of primary school kids sitting around a table with felt tip pens XD (btw i LOVE Max’s baggy blue pants, they mad me LOL) I really don’t understand how Junsu’s picture represents “Family warmth” though ^^” and I was right about the Phantom hand behind Jae belonging to Junsu (refer to my DBSK Christmas cards post) I think the best card is Max’s though, “it says Ha Ha Ha…then its love..presents…and a candle” WTH?! lol i love that kid.

At the end of the video you see DBSK visiting the children who were recording Together (all the little high pitched voices singing LETS GET TOGETHER made me want to harm something…) They are very cute around the kids though, you see Jae whispering into a little girl’s ear (i am so jealous =_=) and Yunho talking to that little 3 year old girl was just ♥♥♥ *melts melts melts*

P.S: nothing to do with boybands, but just wondering what everyone thinks of the High School Musical movies; like do you hate it/love it


  1. Ah I know! The ending was so cute!! They’re all so cute around kids; I also really liked when Junsu starts laughing as soon as he sees them <333.

    High School Musical movies … mmm, I think I’ve just outgrown Disney movies, but they’re … okay I guess XDD. BUT! Zac Efron makes me want to punch a baby, multiple times. LMAO. Not a huge fan of him XDD;;.

  2. darling JJ,loves talking abt him:p i see changmin’s hungry,look the way he attack the pop corn from mickeyy!:P i want chaangmin or mickey’s card:D oh and i was about to punch the computer when JJ whispered to tht lil girl. lucky brat lol:P oh high school musical? hmm its ok.NOT GREAT BUT OKK. and yeah i agree. i dont really like zac efron. idk why. and i dont like vanessa hud….gens? wtv i dont know her name. im not a fan of high school musical but i watched it a million times. xD

  3. Spazzes:

    So jealous of that little 3 year old girl….xP
    Yea i’ve outgrown Disney movies too (omg i’m getting OLD XD) Zac Efron is attractive (to some people) but like you said..he makes me want to harm someone (eg. him) definitely not my type XD

    Korean Chocolate:

    I ♥♥♥♥♥ Jae (have you noticed lol XD)
    and lol Junsu with his big cup of soft drink was adorable ^^
    I don’t know how you can watch that movie a million times :| my friend (she LOVES Zac Efron) played the second one at her new years eve party, and i went and stood outside in the 109 degree (43 degrees C) heat because i couldn’t stand watching it again >”< lol yea i’m really weird i know xP

    & btw i watched it a million of times because of my lil cousins. and if i said no they well take any of my DBSK stuff INCLUDING MY CONCERT TICKET and say “can i take it”. annoying bratz! lol they riped my DBSK poster on november lol. since then,i never spoken or meet them EVER AGAIN:P lol

  5. Koreanchocolate:
    You poor thing…there are little kids here who walk around wearing the “I love Highschool Musical” t-shirts =.= and the high school musical DVDs are always sold out; I feel sorry for the relatives of HSM fans lol XD

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