Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 4, 2008

Leeteuk Love Fighter Ep.2 pictures

Credit:  天使特的雅雅 @ Baidu Park Jung Soo Bar


For more pictures click here and here and here and here and here (no i’m not saying “and here” just for the sake of it, there really ARE pictures there xP)


I don’t know, theres just something about the outfit and the hair and the EXPRESSION that makes him look dorky XD

Some of you might be wondering why i haven’t done any write ups on the show. The real reason is that…I haven’t actually watched it :| To my knowledge its not subbed yet, but i don’t know if i would watch it even it is subbed (worst fan ever)

Some people mentioned that the show is like “Jerry Springer without the chair throwing because they have no chairs” and personally i can’t stand those type of shows (even if Teukie’s on it). But if you still haven’t read any recaps anywhere else then i’ll do a quick one for you now ;)

In one couple in ep.1 the girl didn’t like the guy wearing shoe lifts, so Teuk told her that lots of boys wear shoe lifts – including Ryewook and himself (remember ep.7 of EHB?) and that his dream has always been to be 180cm (aww bless him♥) With the other couple the guy was really obnoxious and thought that he looked like Eunhyuk (he didn’t) and he was abusive towards his girlfriend (hang on maybe that was the third couple…argh can’t remember).

And while they complained Teuk just stood there looking all confused and scared – and that would my only motive for watching the show lol XD but i don’t know, if you’re a MAJOR Leeteuk fan, have a LOT of bandwith that you have to use up and you enjoy Jerry Springer type shows then I think you’ll enjoy it :D


  1. lol yeh im not sure if i want to watch this show or not…as much as i love leeteuk…i really cbb watching shows like these xD i prefer fun-dork-filled variety shows…like EHB!!!
    but still…that pic is so cute…i just wanna wrap him up in ribbon and give to someone as a present…actually id probs keep him for myself

  2. Candychu:
    *nods* i know, its got Teukie but =.= couples fighting don’t really interest me (i couldn’t care less about their relationship problems) so like you i reaaally can’t be bothered watching the show xP but thats ok…i’m sure Teuk will understand that when we get married in the not so distant future XDXD

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