Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 4, 2008

Suju experimenting with female hair pieces

Credit: 卖子 @ Baidu Super Junior Bar



I have nooooooo idea what show these pictures are from but MAN i wanna watch that show XD

So anyway, for whatever reason, Suju decided to wear female hairpieces in their hair, Kangin and Shindong decided to go one step further and put make up on too :| XDXDXD

I find it really funny how Sindong’s hair pieces don’t match lol (they’re two different colours ^^”) and Kangin in that close up shot is hilarious, because you can see his facial hair which just looks SO WEIRD with the make up and the hair pieces (and i love his spiky fringe lol) XD but Sungmin looks cute (and so smiley, as always ^——-^)

Imo they should just keep being pretty boys – cause they kinda really fail at being girls lol XDXD

Click here to see more pictures – including a reaaaally cute picture of Donghae taking a picture with Eunhyuk :D

Edit: LOLOL Spazzes also posted these (at the same time too OMG great minds TOTALLY think alike XD) and according to her post which you can read here these pictures are from the Unbelievable Outing Season 3 taping – i NEED to see that show XD


  1. one word “OMONA!” :P

  2. OMGOSH!
    Sungmin, you look PRETTY. xD hahaha. and his eyebrows look…plucked or waxed. haha. does it look like the EHB setting? idk? kangin & shindong…no comment =]

  3. Hey!! im back ^^
    omg sungmin is SO PRETTY!!!
    his hair!!! *squeals*
    it looks the most real out of all 3…now i must check out the donghae pic ^^
    omg the shindong one with make up is scary O_O
    LMAO he hasnt shaved and hes trying to be a woman!!
    AHAHAHA Eunhyuk is trying to twirl his hair xD
    yay for eunhae camwhoring <3333
    …and i cant decide if im happy that donghae didnt wear a wig or not…

  4. Koreanchocolate:
    i randomly opened a post on Baidu and i found this, and i was just sitting there with :O:O:O this expression on my face lol XD

    hmm now that you mention it…Sungmin’s eyebrows does look waxed…uh well, hes a pretty boy, he can get away with it XDXDXD

    Welcome back!!
    i know, sungmin actually suits the look lol…so jealous ><
    and lol i showed my dad the photo of Shindong as a girl and my Dad actually thought he was a girl ^^”
    and ooo can you imagine Donghae in pigtails? with PINK RIBBONS in his hair?!?!?! that would be so PRECIOUS ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. this is a makeup artist’s dream or nightmare.
    my dream!!

  6. OH! i just found a link on youtube about this show.
    not hq, but its better than nothing right now haha.

  7. Cholalola16:
    Its kinda disturbing…yet SO SO FUNNY XDXDXD

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LINK!!! i’ve posted it for others to watch (sharing is caring~~) and i’ve credited you :D:D

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