Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 5, 2008

DBSK have gone on vacation :D


(The picture I chose to use is so Vacation-ey don’t you think ;) )

Just read on baidu that the 5 boys have gone on vacation for TEN DAYS :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

that means no DBSK updates for 10 days but i can’t think of anyone else (except maybe children working in sweatshops) who deserve this more :D the boys have worked sooooooooooooooooo hard this year and i really hope that they will use these ten days of vacation to relax and catch up with their families and friends :)

On a side note, its already been leaked that little Changmin (and his dad) have enrolled themselves in some kind of volunteer work which has to do with cleaning up oil spillage (i think) so hes using his hard earned free time to do VOLUNTEER WORK;  man i love that kid ♥♥♥♥♥

If you are really smart and can read Korean, here is the original text. (the news about changmin isn’t in this piece of news though, but i’m sure you’ll find it if you look around)

‘동방신기 휴가’받았다네~

드디어 동방신기가 2008년 1월1일부터 포상휴가를 받았다고한다. 그동안 일본활동으로 쉴새없이 바빴던 그들이 신년을 계기로 10여일간 자유롭게 쉴수 있는 시간을 가졌다고 한다.

2007년 한해 국외 활동으로 일본과 한국을 넘나드며 그 누구보다도 바쁜 활동을 벌였던 동방신기가 모처럼 맘놓고 쉴수  있는 시간이 되었다고 생각하니 팬으로서 정말 SM에게 감사한 마음이 든다. 맘놓고 잘수 있고 각자의 집으로 가서 가족과 함께 보낼 수 있다는건 그 무엇과도 바꿀수 없는 금보다 더한 시간이 될거라고 생각된다.

최강창민군은 아버님과 함께 휴가를 받자마자 태안으로 봉사활동을 다녀왔다는데 인간적으로 정말 멋진것같다. 나머지 멤버들은 이 시간동안 무엇을 하며 시간을 보낼까 팬들의 궁금증을 자아낼뿐이다.

영웅재중, 유노윤호, 믹키유천, 시아준수, 최강창민 다섯멤버모두 이 시간동안 행복한 웃음만 지을수 있는 시간을 가지시길 바래요!

(yip, i just totally wrote all of that XD)

Credit: 卡西奥派依亚 @ Baidu DBSK Bar


  1. today is their 5th or 6th day vacation right?for jae,mickey,and minnie of crse. yunho / junsu have to do smthg in japan so they only have 5 days of vacation:/
    YUNHO JUST CAME BACK FROM JAPAN YESTERDAY,but idk abt junsu though:(

  2. Koreanchocolate:
    lol i have no idea when they went on vacation (i just saw the news today ^^”) but its not fair that yunho and junsu only get 5 days ;____; they work so hard they should go on vacation for a MONTH

  3. omg im so happy to hear this!
    yep dbsk deserve this holiday more than anyone else =D
    i really hope theyll be able to have a good rest! i even dont mind not getting updates for 10 days as long as dbsk remain safe and healthy!!! ^____^
    hehehehehe yay!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Candychu:
    they DO deserve it
    in fact they deserve it so much that they should go vacay in another country..somewhere down south…(i’m sure u’d agree with me on this one XDXDXD)

  5. lol yepp…i mean id even offer up my place for accommodation! just so they dont have to go through all that trouble .. and of course attention and publicity is wat they DONT want…my house would be perfect ;P

  6. Candychu:
    LOL i KNEW you would agree with me xP noo they should come to MY state because there are no k-pop fans :P i would totally let them have my bed…or share it *gets slapped and runs away XDXD*

  7. LMAO hmm well if they have time they can stop by ur state LOL wow…..imagine sharing a bed house with dbsk…ooh itd just be like suju full house kekeke thatd be interesting … dbsk trying to learn ENGLISH … the other way around…now thats an idea
    hmm i shall go call SM now

  8. LOL,but at least they got SOME vacation:( but its weird how junsu is not back yet!!????? is he doing another solo project like come on!!! thts so un fair. ahaah lol,dream on you guys! DBSK INSIDEEEE yr house??? gosh i’ll kidnap them from BOTH OF YOU MUAHAHAH!:p

  9. Candychu and Korean chocolate:
    omg i would SO LOVE TO BE ON THE DBSK VERSION OF FULL HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would be SO MUCH FUN i can just imagine what the “english” lesson would be like:
    me: “say I love you”
    DBSK: “what does it mean”
    me: “its a form of greeting used in western countries”
    DBSK in unison: “I love you”
    me: *faints*

  10. LOL!!!! i love you ?of crse they know tht world LMAOO xD use smthg more pervert LOL, both of you think!!!!!:P

  11. koreanchocolate: r u saying its unfair that junsu gets another solo project or that he doesnt get a holiday? lol xD buahaha…come all the way to aust and try kidnap them from us!! unless u already live here? xD

    pinkandsparkly: LOL omg *squeal*
    me: a western tradition is that we greet each other with a kiss
    dbsk: kiss?
    me: yes…like this…*smooch*…then *dies from (of?) happiness*

  12. Korean chocolate and Candychu:
    yea i thought i’d keep it G-rated (and candychu your “english lesson” is too tame too :P) But ooo i can think of PLENTY of “nice” sentences i can teach them *brain goes into overdrive XD*

  13. lol hey! i tried keeping it G rated too…
    but come on…sif i had to make it any more clear
    DBSK + a bed + crazy perverted fangirls = a lot of action
    and wat kind of action would that be? ill leave that up to u guys *wink wink*
    seems as if koreanchocolate just wants to take it to the nxt level xD

  14. candychu:
    im saying tht its unfair tht he doesnt get a holiday of crse LOL ahah. aust?oh i heard they made a petition,fr dbsk to come to aust. :o i have the link, u want it?
    tame??LOL show us yr creativity!!!!:P let me here yr “nice” sentences! overdrive??LOL xD

  15. The two pervy girls up there ^
    my friend mentioned the phrase “captive breeding program” i’ll let you two think about it on your own XD *runs off laughing*

  16. lol i signd that petition like half a yr ago…actually i signed 2?
    seriously…dbsk have better come to australia (but just not this yr…preferably the yr after) or i will have to fly to japan or korea and kidnap them back
    and tickets for 6 ppl is something i cant quite afford yet xD

  17. LOL,well theres a lot of petition lately,good luck to them:P good thing they came to malaysia muahaha.LOL
    bte captive breeding program OKKKKK ahahah! i think i know what tht meansss LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  18. Candychu:
    buy 7 tickets cause you are totally taking me with you
    o boy…i’m gonna get arrested for tainting young children’s minds now aren’t i XDXDXD

  19. captive breeding program!? =S er…yes…i get it..*scratches head*
    lol dw…my mind was long long ago corrupted…wen i met changmin *wink wink*…so not only my mind was tainted…okay i shud stop now buahahaha xD *runs off to play*

  20. oh,you met changmin before? or are you just kidding LOOOL myy brain is completely damage:p HAHAHA lol, before you get arrested, please, teach us more:P

  21. lol of course ive met changmin
    were talking about in my dreams right?
    lol WHY did u have to burst my bubble?? *breaks down in tears*
    hahaha completely damaged? how? lol i just thought of eunhyuk and his “watching R rated movies with a gf”
    i so want to be his gf…he sounds fun xD

  22. Very good choice for the picture you used. *squees* I was right theerrreee!! :D *points somewhere behind Junsu*

    Anyhow, I’m glad the boys are resting now. They really do deserve a nice vacation even though it’s just for a few days.

    Oh and… I’ve recently discovered your blog and I really love it. ^^ I just got my wordpress account a few minutes ago so I can comment finally. hehe

  23. Ninjacatherine:

    First of all i have to apologize that you scrolled through all those REALLY RANDOM comments up there lol XD and second OMG I AM SO JEALOUSSSS i love paris, and i love DBSK so Paris+DBSK=a lot of hearts XDD – ;____; i wish i was there boo.
    and awwww thank you for making an account so you can comment~~thats so sweet of you *———–* But this also means that i’ll be expecting more comments from you now mwahahahaha XDDDDD

  24. It’s alright, I understand the fangirling. xD I loved my experience in Paris! Omg seriously a once in a lifetime thing to have met the boys there by pure coincidence too. x___x And yes! Do expect more comments from me now. XD

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