Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 5, 2008

Suju arriving in TW

Credit::Symbelmyn @ youtube

Because i have no more bandwith left, this clip took 30 minutes just to load to half way =.= so i’ve only watched it to 1.09 *unprofessional blogger*

Suju are in Taiwan for a concert that will also involve Paran and some Mandarin singers :D

This clip is footage of Suju arriving at the Taiwan aiport minus Heechul and Hangeng (i miss Heechul ;_____; i feel like he hasn’t been on anything in aaaages) Siwon although injured still goes with the members to TW – although if he has to do the Don’t Don dance at the concert then i will be having a “friendly chat” with LSM because THAT BOY IS IN CRUTCHES AND HE SHOULD’VE STAYED IN KOREA TO REST *glares at LSM*

I know i always make fun of him on this blog but omg Teuk’s vest/jacket wth o_O he ALWAYS wears weird clothes, seriously if I ever see him in a normal person’s outfit then i’d know that hes a fake Leeteuk XD and LOL at Sungmin’s hat (lol i wrote cat the first time…its REALLY late ok)

I don’t know why the TW fans sang Happy Birthday to them when they came out…:S and I turned the volume way up to see try hear if the boys said anything…so now i have this ringing sound in my head because of all the high pitched screaming (which is understandable because i’d totally join them if i was there…or i’d be the passed out girl on floor who has a sign sign saying : MARRY ME SUJU) XD


  1. they sure were excited.
    i’d be louder.

  2. AWWWWW @ Siwon’s mp3 player and glasses.

  3. Cameraman loves Eeteuk and Donghae and so do the Taiwanese fans. Donghae signs were EVERYYYYWHERE!!!!

  4. Ah! i wish i was one of those girls holding up a sign! When did they arrive? i wonder if they sang happy birthday for sungmin! :P haha. AHHH!!!! :D

  5. They sung Happy Birthday to Kangin, though I think it would be better to sing it to Sungmin since his birthday was 4 days ago, but instead they sing a song ahead of time (12 days to be exact) to Kangin ^^;;

  6. Cholalola16:
    Lol i’m pretty sure i’ll be louder too XP – heck i’d bring a MEGAPHONE with me if they ever come here XDDDDDDDD

    lol i laugh at how i never notice these details, i just saw him and went OMG WHERES HIS HAIR – then i noticed he was wearing a hat ^^”

    I don’t know what any of their names look like in Korean (worst fan EVER) But Donghae had such a happy look on his face the whole time :D

    I think they arrived early yesterday morning? cause the performance was at night so they probably arrived in the morning to do rehearsals and interviews and stuff

    Thank you for telling me that it was for Kangin! I was just like WTH are they singing Happy Birthday for ?!?!?!?!?!?!? – it didn’t even occur to me that Sungmin just had his birthday (even though i did a Sungmin birthday post ^^”) and i forgot that Kangin’s birthday was coming up =.= so i was veeeery confused; In fact i thought they were doing a Suju cheer with the Happy Birthday music…..(dumbest person ever, right here)

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