Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 5, 2008

Video of Suju wearing the female hair pieces :D

A very big thank you to holeyxxsmokes who gave me the youtube link for this show :D:D and credit also goes to Symbelmyn @ youtube for uploading this

When i posted pictures yesterday of Suju wearing hair pieces and makeup I talked about how much i really really really wanted to see the video footage of it, and the lovely holeyxxsmokes provided me with the link to this show, unfortunately its not subbed YET, but i’m sure it will be soon :D.

I haven’t actually watched this yet *everyone glares at the bad blogger* BUT i do have a valid excuse, I’ve used up my bandwith, so my internet is crawling along at the speed of something really slow. But i will edit this post on monday (with incoherent comments) when i get more bandwith :D – I just thought that people who do have fast internet might want to see this ^^


  1. OMG,sungmin looks effin cute!
    he has tht “oh,hello everyone im cute+innocent” expression:P im surpriseddd sungmin you cute lil girl:D

  2. Koreanchocolate:
    Boo. i wanna watch it :'(
    (btw i’ve added you on msn already)

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