Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 5, 2008

Yesung and Hangeng from EHB ep.8

Credit: Baidu Super Junior Bar


LOL don’t you love how Yesungs staring at Hangeng like : “Oppa~~~ *——–* ” and Hangeng’s just like : o_O…get off me please.

Btw Super Junior (minus their translator Hangeng :( ) is in Taiwan at the moment!! – so i’ll be posting pictures up when I find them :D:D and they’re also going to Shanghai on the 10th of January (all 12 minus Heechul ;_____;) to shoot a commercial so YAY (i love when they go to mandarin speaking places, cause then i can understand the interviews :D:D)


  1. you understand mandarin!? o_o so hard to learn chinese! >_< lol. but…that’s so freakin`AWESOME. hehe, i fixed my link so you can see my blog, but it’s nothing special. :[ hehe.

  2. Coriohh:
    yea i’m glad i understand mandarin (comes in handy XD) and i will go over to your blog RIGHT NOW and visit :D:D:D

  3. omg i watched this ep just this morning…it was SO GOOD!
    like first shindong’s sneeze had me LOL-ing non stop and then when t hey all put on their goggles (except for Siwon oddly enough) i was just like ROFL-ing
    and when the prank came on i was so excited…i love eunhyuk!!! like wen he started talking to shindong and wen he just broke down…i broke down with him! and when kyuhyun started “acting” i was like *waaaaaaaaaah* and then wen they found out the truth and just cried even more i was *___________*
    so yes…ep 8 had my emotions going all over the place xDD

  4. Candychu:
    it is good isn’t it!! the hidden camera was so sad ;__; but i LOVED Heechul’s chopstick throwing XD and i just watched ep.5 (its subbed!) and ooooomg i laughed so much i think i’m getting abs XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  5. omg YES! i spazzed about heechul’s chopstick throwing on my blog…but it stuffed up so i ended up just typing it on word LOL xD im so sad…
    but anyway omg no way! its subbed now!! i so wanna watch it…but ill save it for tmr hahaha
    i watched the first bit of ep5…i just wanted to watch donghae push siwon off the chair LOL…sigh
    i hope EHB never stops xDD

  6. Candychu:
    i don’t want EHB to stop >”< but if they run out of things to do then they can do a “exploration” of something else and make it into a show XD and yes watch Ep.5, and pay special attention to Donghae when they do the hidden camera, he is such a cute little squishy in that scene

  7. they do another hidden camera in ep5? really? T.T??
    but omg…when donghae grabbed the ballerina’s hand and ran off i was like *___* and then LOL-ing the nxt second when eunhyuk shouts out “i will not accept this marriage” LOL…and wen he was giving him a rib massage…sigh* so many good/hilarious/memorable moments in EHB…hmm exploration of something else eh? lol the thing i had in mind is already part of the body *slaps self*

  8. I’ve yet to watch EHB 5-8 because I’m super behind, but GAHHH THIS IS TEMPTING ME SO BADLY IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY D: I love how Geng is like “Uhhh, okay ….” XD Lucky for being able to understand at least SOMETHING when there’s Mandarin interviews – I have to rely on translations. & thanks for visiting my blog ;D
    *cough let’s all eat candy together! XD

  9. ooo you must get around to watching ep.5-8 (personally my favourite ep.s were 5 and 6) but the end of 8 is really really really precious..^^
    and lol don’t ask me what i was thinking when i thought of the title for my blog, everyones like: is there some kind of deep meaning behind it? and i’m just like: :|….yea….totally…theres a DEEEEP philosophical message behind it…XD

  10. what does oppa mean?

  11. ^I think pinkandsparkly meant “hyung” ^^””

    oppa is what a younger woman calls an older male in korean; it translates to older brother

  12. i am from k.s.a ilove you yesung

  13. That picture is dang funny XD

  14. yesung is very funny…..i love u so much yesung.

  15. …ang gwapo talaga ni yesung!!!!

  16. i watch this episode and its so funny and my stomach is aching because of yesung face and this video is so really funny>>>>>> saranghae yesung and hankyung fating…..>>>>

  17. Hello
    Am I from Saudi Arabia and we Arabs love Super Junior, they are great fresh voices They are very stylish and nice
    I love them all, especially Yesung and I hope that working party in the Arab States

  18. miss you Hageng!

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