Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 6, 2008

DBSK Rainbow Mp3 Download

Credit: the amazing girls at DNBN who actually did something technical to the sound quality so that its not so fuzzy :D:D


(this picture is so rainbow-ey don’t you think?…no?…ok ^^”)

I looooooooooove this song, its got a really nice and catchy beat to it and you just feel really relaxed when you listen to it; in a way it kinda reminds me of “Beautiful Life” – not melody wise, just the overall “vibe” of it :D

I know that the DBSK version of Last Angel is out, but i haven’t found a working download link for that yet and my internet is crawling along at the speed of something slow so i’ll just upload Rainbow for now because i reaaaally like it :D

I get really annoyed with the repetitiveness of the Last Angel melody, but i know lots of people really like it, so if you’re a fan of the song, the Spazzes crew have posted a preview link for the song here so go listen! (and remember to say thank you :D)

Get the Rainbow mp3 here

Edit: I just found a decent download link for Last Angel, but my internet won’t upload it properly and I don’t want to hotlink the original uploader, so i’ll upload it tommorow make a new post with the Last Angel download link :D


    rainbow: i dont know why so many ppl dislike this song:O well YES,of crse i think this song doesnt challenge their vocal & i know they can do better, but its really calm,i love it :D & im no being biased lol

    last angel: im not loving it YET, but i think i will, maybe i was so used to listen to kuu’s version, but well like i said it kinda grew on me.

  2. Koreanchocolate:
    :O there are people who don’t like it??? it doesn’t challenge their vocals, but its so nice and SIMPLE :D its got a really nice and catchy beat too~~(and i especially like how no one’s voice is strained)
    Last angel…hmmm…yea still don’t like it XD

  3. *gasp; thankyou (x100000 + 1 ) :D hehe! thanks. it’s so relaxing. *closes eyes and floats away w/the music* :D

  4. I KNOW i cant believe tht someone will even dislike it, it feels ….. nice? yeah thts it, i feel so FREEE. hahah xD yeahhh last angel, hmm im still trying to LOVE it:P

  5. Coriohh:
    You’re welcome!! its such a relaxing song i love it ;) and btw i tried commenting your blog but it won’t let me :'(

    it sound so nice and floaty~~ I love Jae more than oxygen, but his strained voice in Last Angel makes me cringe :S no love

  6. […] I’ve already talked about how much i like this song here […]

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