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Suju marriage survey

Credits: Muishie @ youtube (she subs all the good videos, so go say thank you)

Part 2 is here

I love how Teuk uses the “i’m nearly 26 so i’m tired” excuse to get out of talking but then stands up to talk again when Shindong wants to sit down – such a nice squishy~ XD (but seriously though, the guy acts like hes 18, i cannot tell that his Korean age is 26 :|)

This is footage from the Suju mini concert, i think the E.L.Fs filled in a survey before they went and the questions were all related to the members and marriage; eg. they had to vote on who they thought would be the one to have the nicest food at his wedding (they didn’t ask that question i’m just giving an example)

To cut a long story short (because its very very late/early in the morning and i need to sleep) i’ll just do a quick summary; and if it seems like i’m talking to myself or doing a running commentary, its because i’m actualy writing this as i’m watching the clip, like i’m pausing every few seconds and write something XD and if i don’t make sense its because yea, its very very late XP

Question one: Out of the Suju members who will be the first to get married?

Third place: Leeteuk (not surprised with this one, although i would’ve picked him to be the first one cause hes so “old” lol) and omg when he mentioned the bit about waiting for the 6 grade fan i was like *MEEEELLLLLLLTTTTT* *—–*

Second place: Heechul – ok i am REALLY REALLY SURPRISED :O i can’t see Heechul marrying anyone in the near future, he just doesn’t seem like hes at that stage yet lol but i wouldn’t mind if he wanted to marry me

First place: Kangin – yea i’m surprised with this result too, i thought Kibum or Siwon would be in the top three… :| But before the first place result was announced i LOLed so hard when Kangin went “do you think that i’ll marry Teukie – hyung?” YES KANGIN WE ALL THINK THAT XD

Question two: Which member seems most likely to cry if his proposal gets rejected (i have a few names in mind lol XD)

Third place: Kyuhyun – yea kinda surprised, i never pictured him as the crying type, i can see him writing emo song lyrics if he gets rejected, but not crying.

Second place: Donghae – hahahahaha yea not surprised, i can totally picture it even though he denies it, but i do like his outlook on relationships, very straight and forward to the point :D and don’t worry Fishy, if you propose to me i’ll promise not to reject you and make you cry XD

First place: Sungmin – yip. surprised. I know hes got the “cute” image and stuff but….he doesn’t strike me as the crying type….AND HE AGREES WITH ME (see, i know him so well XP) i would’ve picked Ryewook, Teuk, or Eunhyuk actually XD

Question three: Who would be the most nervous on their wedding night? XDDD can’t wait to see the results

Third place: Hangeng – LOL I AGREE 100% – in fact i reckon he should be first or second. I can see him just standing there in a pool of sweat going “um. um. um. um. um. um. be right back” and run outside to give one of the membes a call to ask for their advice :D (ILU HANNIE)

Second place: Eunhyuk – AGREEEEEEEE, i remember watching him say his proposal and he was SO NERVOUS AND FIDGETY XD so cute and his “what are you supposed to do on your wedding night question” made me want to squish him :D

First place: Ryewook – YESSSSSSS the Korean fans voted well with this question; Wookie is so shy and nervous normally, i think he would be absolutely terrified on his wedding night lol :D

Question four: The member most likely to be obedient to his wife (if Heechul is anywhere in the top three then the voting system is RIGGED)

Third place: Yesung – yip, i can see Yesung being totally whipped by his future wife :D

Second place: Shindong – hmmmm can’t really see it, i would’ve maybe chosen Eunhyuk instead

First place: Siwon – NUP don’t see it :| I can see him RESPECTING his wife, but the obedient part? no so much. Hes too macho to be really submissive imo, i reckon he would be the one making the rules :D and Teuk agrees with me XD

Question five: The member most likely to marry a girl despite his parents objections (yip, i can see a few choices for this one *cough* Heechul *cough*)

Third place: Kibum – not surprised, i mean hes a really respectful boy and i’m sure hes a good son, but i see him as someone who can’t be stopped once they have their mind set on something

Second place: Kangin – don’t see it, hes got the “bad boy” image, but i think that hes actually a really good little boy at heart, and i reckon he’d definitely marry someone his parents like. AND HE AGREES WITH ME XD (i know these boys so well i should get a medal XDDD)

First place: Heechul – I KNEW IT I AM SO PSYCHIC!!!! i can’t see Heechul giving a toss about what other people think about him, he does everything his own way and imo thats what makes him so attractive <33333 and i love his “i just have a different style” explanation :D YOU ARE SO UNIQUE HEECHUL DON’T EVER CHANGE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

(i bet you were expecting me to do one of my heart spazzes over Heechul XP nup, not gonna, too tired. *pinkandsparkly falls asleep on her keyboard* ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ)


  1. AHAHAHA WE POSTED AT THE SAME TIME!! EXCEPT I LIKE YOURS WAY BETTER! Nice member-by-member analysis; I loved it!

    (I’m going to heart spazz over Heechul because you fell asleep at your keyboard, lol. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Omg I just realized I killed your layout :(. I should have hit the return key while typing out all those hearts, lol. I’m sorry!

  3. Spazzes:
    and dw about the layout, Heart spazzes are FUUUUUUN :D

  4. hehe. that was adorable. I love how they talked about Heechul (or was it someone else?) only eating Lotteria burgers, nd then KangIn’s all like, “This isn’t going to be broadcast, so we can use brandnames, right?” haha. the penalties for being famous and having CFs like woaH~. Anyways, I loved Ryeowook’s response. He’s all, “Why would it be me?” and Kangin’s all, “JUST LOOK IN THE MIRROR YOU FOOL!!!!” heheh. I love Wookie. But I do think Siwon would end up being pretty whipped. I mean, he’s the skinship KING, so imagine that x10000000000 because of his girlfriend/wife. His PDA knows no bounds. I think he just seems very macho because he does the “extreme” of everything. He has expressive eyebrows… and a face “loved by God” according to the rest of SuJu. hahahha (actually I think Donghae said that specifically). That’s why Siwon loves God back so much. <3333 gaahhh I love him for being so open and unashamed of his faith. During Full House, their English teacher was telling them how to say, “You’re so beautiful” for Anya and Eva and they were all practicing and like, “should we do it with feeling?” and when it got to Siwon’s turn, they were like, “He can’t do it WITHOUT FEELING!!! LOLOLOL” But he’d still be soo whipped. =D That was an adorable clip and a surprisingly good fancam too! I was soo happy *squee!* Thanks!

  5. Nanshi:
    Lol yea Wookie is soo pweeeetty, i want to wrap him up and give him to someone as a present (maybe to myself XD) and Siwon is AAWWWWWESOME and lol yea i can see him being whipped pretty bad too. and AAA I LOVE HIM FOR BEING SO OPEN ABOUT HIS FAITH thats one of the major things that i look for in a guy, so EEE I WANT TO MARRY HIM NOW XDDDD grrr i will be so jealous of his future wife lol – i saw these photos on a website of him and his maybe gf and i was like OMG YOU SKANK :O – but of course i mean that in an endearing way XDDDDDD heeeeeee~~~~

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