Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 9, 2008

DBSK Japanese magazine pictures

Credit:  micky糜 @ Baidu DBSK bar and 踏网采花_石头 @ Baidu JJ bar

You may have seen these before, i’m not sure how “new” they are, on Baidu it said that the pictures are from the December issue of 2 Japanese magazines…but i’ve never seen them before, so i’m posting them :D (click the picture if you want to see it bigger)


Yunho’s vest & Micky’s hair = no love. :| I also don’t get Changmin’s scarf/top whatever it is that hes wearing inside his jacket, it looks….lacey? blah. I don’t know why, but I always like their Korean stylists for photoshoots better than their Japanese ones :D Its probably just personal preference. But anyway, how cute is Jae in the second photo? He looks like he’s 5 XD *squishes*



 Hmm…its probably just my weird way of thinking, but Changmin in the first photo reminds me of the actor in the Japanese drama “Ichi Rittoru no Namida” (one liter of tears)..maybe its just the “vibe” that hes giving off? Or maybe its the expression? meh. It’s not a bad thing, i actually really liked that drama :D (anyone seen it?)

And LOL the first thing that came to mind when i saw the second photo of Jae and Changmin was: why does this look like a mugshot…? Cause imo it totally does, especially Changmin’s one; the kid should SMILE more :DDDDDDDDDD

And Micky’s hat and scarf looks…interesting :S and hehe Junsu looks moody ^—-^. Yunho looks PRETTY. But i don’t know what my feelings are about the turtleneck…but i do know that i want to cut his hair…*gets out scissors*HEHEHEHEHE

Maybe I don’t like the Japanese photoshoots cause the guys are always so dressy? Personally I like to spazz over guys who wear straight jeans with button up shirts, or a vintage t-shirt, or jeans with those little vest things with a shirt or a blazer :D The Abercrombie look is good too :D But Japan is known for their “fashion forwardness” so yea, maybe thats why I never like what they wear? :S


  1. LMAO changmins lacey scarf xD … or watever it is
    and yes jae looks adorable in the 2nd pic *cuddles*
    lol i think we’re all missing their korean-ness
    btw why has jan smag still not come out yet? =S not that that has anything to do iwht this xD

  2. yes i agree with the….
    their korean stylists are better. >_<
    but then again, japanese do have a ‘different’ taste. :P hehh. still miss them in korea.

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