Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 9, 2008

DBSK No + Darkness eyes mp3 download

Credit: Kinger12 @ Baidu DBSK bar & Spazzes for letting me know that these are actually out :D (click here to read her thoughts on the songs)

i love these 2 songs!!! I’m preordering the album as soon as I finish writing up this post, cause so far all the songs are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ – seriously, even if the rest of their new releases sound like the kid version of Together on crack i’ll still love the album cause THATS HOW MUCH I LOVE THESE NEW SONGS XDDDDDDDD

“No” – I think i’ll have to listen to the full version to decide whether i REALLY like it or not, its really different to their other japanese songs imo, it sounds like something you can “bop” too (omg i did not just use that word ^^”) but yea so far i’m liking it, and theres lots of Engrish lines in it too XD (i’ll need to read the lyrics to be able to decipher it though XP)

“Darkness Eyes” – I LOVE IT, hot song, seriously. It sounds like something that plays in the background of a spy movie, you know the bits when the “hero” gets all prepared to go fight the bad guys? Yea i don’t know what i’m saying ^^” But this song also proves that you can’t judge a song by its name, because when i first saw the name i was like “XDDDDDDD WHAT THE HECK THAT SOUNDS SO LAME” ….how wrong I was…. :D i’m looking forward to the lyrics of this song coming out too cause i just heard Junsu sing “darkness on my eyes”….wth?? lol…

Click here to download – there’s only one mp3 that has both the previews combined, but hay, beggars can’t be choosers ;)

Do NOT link directly to the download link, tell people to come here or upload it yourself and share it; if i find the exact download link anywhere else i will track you down, glue headphones to your ears and make you listen to Together on repeat, the kid version XDDDDDDD


  1. GAH, I love you for posting up the download! (spazzes link didn’t work for me either, but dnbn hates my computer, so that wasn’t surprising). It’s SOOO GOOD! “No” reminds me of Choosey Lover’s Yamaki Groove remix because of the very jazzy feel. I was typing up this comment when Darkness Eyes came on, and I kinda just had to stop typing and sort of absorb the awesomeness of that song… *sigh* I really really like electronica/mixer fusion in music (like in TPL from Anyband?) and Darkness Eyes captured it so well. The lyrics are a little fuzzy, but it sounds like one of those mysical heartbreak songs… gahh… This album is soooo going to rock! For Darkness Eyes and Purple Line alone? Darkness Eyes is like THE PERFECT song though, it’s really mellow but also really seductive and sexy; you can listen to it to get up and dance or listen to it while just chilling. Of course, I’m still in awe, and this big stupid grin gets plastered on my face the minute I hear the song… hehe… o0o Purple Line PV is supposed to be released today, I think?

  2. LOL i was just LOL-ing the whole time i was reading ur post…and im still LOL-ing xD buahahaha
    i cant decide if i like the idea of having too many engrish lines…but hmm…i shud really listen to the song..okay here goes…….
    omg “No” is so hot!!! it reminds me of one of those songs that those boybands would sing!?!? but i wonder wat they’re saying No to…coz they sure cant say it enough times xD ooh
    okay “Darkness Eyes”…ooh omg i love it!!! yay!! dont u just love those songs where u only hear like 5 seconds of it and ur already in love wiht it and wanna hear more!!!! ahaha yay! im excited about their 4th album now! coz originally i was like “argh i rather korean album” but now it actually IS something to look fwd to *happy happy*
    which version will u be getting? ^^

  3. Nanshi:
    Wow, you seem to really know your music lol (do you by any chance happen to study anything to do with music?) and yes, Darkness eyes is awesome, makes up for the the Together single XP and now that you mention it, “No” does have a jazzy feel to it, i don’t know, the preview seemed a little repeatitive (but obviously that might’ve been because yea, its a preview) but i’m really really looking forward to their new album. and yes Purple Line PV coming out today!!!wooooooot!! its gonna be hot :D (hopefully)

    HAHA thats what i thought when i was listening to the song “what the heck are they saying no to…?”
    And yes, Darkness Eyes is aweeeesome, the only thing that could ruin the song is if suddenly out of no where a children’s choir bursts into song and starts singing “lets get together~~” XDDDD
    And btw its their 3rd japanese album XP
    I think i’m gonna get the “Album + DVD” version”, coz i want the 2CD + 2 DVD version….but I can’t really justify spending over $70 on a CD…even if it is DBSK lol

  4. ^haha, no, actually. I just really really like singing and I’ve done my fair share of practicing and vocal exercises and research into stuff like that and I play a bit of the piano as well. But thanks, I think? Oh, and I like to pretend THSK didn’t make that little mistake we call “Together.” I don’t even think it matches the Cinnamonroll theme either; the song is too minor to sound really happy and cheery either… there go the Japanese children and their tastes for you!

  5. LOL oops i meant 3rd xD see..thast how much im anticipating their 4th KOREAN album !!! im getting a bit desperate xD LMAO u hate together soo much…but actually wen ppl talk about together i dont have much to say about it coz ive only heard the song ONCE and that was wen i was watching the MV…and my eye was just twitching the whole time … and i only watched up to the bit where the cartoon-who-does-not-look-like-changmin dude raised his eyebrows. i watched up to that and thought it was enough xD
    yeh i agree…im gonna get the CD + DVD version too coz i always get the one with the MVs…then i can drool over it on the tv instead of off youtube xDD but to be honest i hate it wen cds come in more than one version coz then i have to go dl the stuff that didn come with the version that i get .. sigh =.=” jap stuff is expensive ><“

  6. Nanshi:
    ooo i play piano too :D and yes that was a compliment about you having a really good knowledge of music :D And yes, Together did have too much of a minor sound to be in a Sanrio movie =.= See, i didn’t mind their Balloons song TOO much, because even though it was REALLY REALLY CUTE, at least it was a cover XD
    Ooooo i want a 4th Korean album too!!! and you should listen to Together, especially the one with all the children in it, good times. (i’ll even send it to you if you like) The Together MV scares me, all those little cartoon people walking towards me like a army of robots *shudders*
    And yip, i don’t really want to spend $70 on a CD, especially because all the extra stuff is un-subbed, so theres kinda no point getting it if i can’t understand it. But i will get the CD+DVD because i want to watch their MVs on tv XDDD

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