Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 9, 2008

DBSK’s EHB episode is SUBBED

Credit: Ginaya @ youtube (THANK YOU FOR SUBBING SO FAST!!! – (her page is on private so we can’t leave her thank you comments)


I’ve already written a very very long and incoherent recap HERE (this was written before I watched the subbed version) I think from now on i’ll just write recaps for subbed videos, cause watching unsubbed videos frustrates me ^^


  1. lol today i was watching the chinese subbed one…but i was really struggling to find thee subs coz it was so blurry xD but yay!!! this will be the first thing i watch tmr morning…during off peak =P hehe
    but anywayz wen i was watching for some reason dbsk seemed a bit…kinda tense? like it really did seem competitive? lol i duno
    but i thought it was so cute that donghae hi-5ed yunho wen dbsk first came out ^^ hehe…it was donghae right? lol…and how donghae kept standing nxt to yunho <333

  2. Candychu:
    Yea they were really tense!! i wanted them to go crazy like suju XD but ah well THERES ALWAYS NEXT WEEK XDDD
    and yesss i love seeing all the DBSK/Suju friendship, its so cuuuuuute…sigh…i wish i was their friend…or something more than a friend XP

  3. ok,i just finished watching it with subbs,
    & during the preview,
    did mickey just said it was SWEET!?? HA-HA-HA
    DBSK is so weird, thts why i love them<3
    i wanna see how suju react when mickey said tht:P
    haha thy mmust be like. NOO!! wtf!!:P

    but alot of cmmnts saying tht DBSK cross the line, NO FAIR,POOR SUJU, things like tht,
    its just a game,shishh ^^

  4. Koreanchocolate:
    omg are you serious?? hahahaha thats hilarious! as if they would analyze whether DBSK crossed the line XD THEY NEED LIVES!!!!!
    And yes, i am very much looking forward to watching the next ep :D

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